Running Wild: A Deep Dive on the Mobile QB

  • When it comes to quarterbacks in fantasy, running quarterbacks are considered a fantasy cheat code. Their ability to rack up points with their legs not only provides them with a solid baseline of fantasy points but also creates a higher ceiling as well. For this article we will be referring to standard fantasy scoring which is typically four points for a passing TD, six points for a rushing TD and one point for 25 passing yards and one point for rushing yards. Every decent fantasy player knows this and typically targets a running quarterback over the standard pocket passer. However, there are downsides to running quarterbacks as well, most notably injuries. The hits they take from running for extra yards can knock them out for multiple weeks at a time and it can also cause their body to potentially wear down as the season progresses.

    This season according to early ADP projections four of the top six quarterbacks off the board would be considered running quarterbacks. The current order and ADP is as follows Josh Allen (17), Jalen Hurts (25), Patrick Mahomes (35), Lamar Jackson (37), CJ Stroud (45), and Anthony Richardson (48). In terms of total fantasy points Allen, Hurts and Jackson all finished inside the top-four for quarterbacks, Mahomes finished as QB8 and Stroud QB11 (in 15 games). So, if you want one of the elite running quarterbacks you will have to pay up in the draft, the question is will you get enough return on your investment?  While it seems that running QBs might take more hits than the average QB, Joe Burrow, Kirk Cousins and Justin Herbert all were inactive by the end of the season.  The risk may be higher, but it isn’t exceeded by the potential reward.

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