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New Orleans Pelicans
December 5, 2022
Lyle is joined by Pelicans media member, Jarrett Reed (AKA 5) to chat his journey from fan to credentialed media member on behalf of Boot Krewe Media, the Pelicans season so far and much more!
Fantasy MLB Today
December 5, 2022
A ton of big names have found new homes over the last few days, so Joe takes a look at all of the big signings from both a fantasy and real life perspective (Trea Turner signed as Joe was recording, so he gives you his instant reaction).
Fantasy NBA Today
December 5, 2022
It's Reverse Lightning Round Monday weekend recap time on the pod, and this time, we just decided to talk about Anthony Davis for 45 minutes. Nah, that's a joke. Dan recaps all 30 teams, as usual!
December 5, 2022
Candace is joined by guest Ed Memphis of Grizzly Bear Blues to discuss the state of the Grizzlies, Zaire's outlook, and how the Grizzlies stack up against the rest of the West!
Atlanta Hawks
December 5, 2022
Drama between Nate and Trae has Brad and special guest Glen Willis wondering what needs to be done to mend this relationship. They also discuss players stepping up with the injuries on the team and should Murray run the offense more?
December 5, 2022
Part two of the two-part crossover series is in the books! Carthan from the SportsEthos Wizards Podcast and Corban from Down Bad Lakers Fan" come together to review the Lakers' 130-119 win over the Wizards! The trends in the game as well as what each squad did both well and.....not so great are covered in this one, as well as a look-ahead into each team's next couple of games!

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