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The Koz and Bru Show
June 1, 2023
You've heard all of the rest ... now get your Koz and Bru takes heading into Game 1!
Fantasy NHL Today
June 1, 2023   This week Blake continues with the Fantasy NHL Today Divisional Series and speaks on the Atlantic division! We identify one player from each team that is a player to watch moving into next season and hit you with some possible projections as well. Teams discussed: BOS, BUF, DET, FLA, MTL, OTT, TB, and […]
Fantasy NBA Today
June 1, 2023
Why does @DanBesbris still insist on getting League Pass and watching the games? It's for that tiny edge, especially in FCFS leagues.
May 31, 2023 Rhett takes some time to break down potential fantasy impacts of the lottery results! Some players might benefit from being inside a team’s range, others might end up taking a slight hit if they end up in the wrong situation, and some of the guys in your league might be ready to make moves […]
DFS Today
May 31, 2023
Michael Fiddle and Keith Cork (@EthosKeith) break down all things NBA Finals.
May 31, 2023
Knicks need to focus themselves and efforts on the right way to approach one of the most important off-seasons in 30 years. Laying down some of the philosophical framework in this episode that some fans are missing.

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