• Spurs Dynasty Recap 2024

    Outside of Victor Wembanyama’s stellar debut, there wasn’t much more to be excited about in regards to the San Antonio Spurs, real-life or fantasy wise. We’ll be evaluating all of their players’ campaigns in the 2023-2024 NBA season, and their outlook for Dynasty formats from now on. You can check our dynasty evaluation criteria in the link below for a detailed explanation on the ranking factors.

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    Dynasty Risers

    Victor Wembanyama (1)

    It was valid for anybody to feel a bit insecure about Wenbanyama’s production out the gate and also his durability due to his physique and frame. Now all of those worries should be out of the window, as there’s no doubt the French phenom will be the number one player in most fantasy formats, not just in Dynasty.

    We still don’t know how high the ceiling will be for Wembanyama, as his debut campaign might only be the floor of his production as a real-life and fantasy superstar. There’s no reason to let go of him, unless you get a league-changing offer and even with that on the table, I might not give up someone who could be the number one player in the next two decades in the best-case scenario.

    Devin Vassell (45-65)

    You might consider this comment as selling his 2023-2024 campaign short, but the best aspect of Vassell’s fourth season as a NBA player is the fact that he’s the best fit next to Victor Wembanyama in the current Spurs roster. And that’s why he’s likely to keep improving as the number two option in San Antonio (for the time being).

    It won’t matter much if other stars join Gregg Popovich’s roster in the future, Vassell’s game can fit with no issues as a third option due to his off-ball skills and very promising defensive capabilities. While there’s still consistency to be found in defense, playmaking and shot-creation, Vassell’s numbers to close out the season are very promising. If you can buy, this might be your last window to do so at his current price.

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