• If you’re a SportsEthos monthly subscriber of any type (DFS Pass, FantasyPass, WagerPass, SportsEthos 360), you have access to the SportsEthos Discord Channel!

    For those that have never used Discord before, don’t be intimidated. It’s just a fancy group of chat rooms.

    SportsEthos’ Discord Channel is an incredible landing spot for fantasy enthusiasts, open 24/7. As you read this page, tens or even hundreds of SportsEthos members are helping each other with pickups, drops, trades, team builds, and more.

    But MOST importantly, the SportsEthos Discord is a place where you can get advice from the actual SportsEthos experts who hang out in the various chat rooms throughout the day but also have Live Chat “Office Hours” daily for our DFS, Full Season and Wagering divisions.

    This is, simply put, THE place for PRO LEVEL ACCESS to the best of the best of the best, and subscribers need to be taking advantage of this service that you’re already paying for.

    Don’t delay. Use your subscription to its fullest. Email support at sportsethos dot com com or contact Dan on Twitter (@danbesbris) to get your join code now.

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Dan Besbris

If you’re unable to find the option on the page, toss an email over to Support@SportsEthos.com and they can help sort it out! 🙂


Does the 360 subscription include the draft tracker. Can’t seem to download the file

Aaron Bruski

This is the direct download page… Email Support at SportsEthos dot com if you have any issues and one of us will get you taken care of!



I downloaded the draft tracker but its telling me sign in to D.DOCS.LIVE.NET,
is there an issue or do I have to create a sign up account?


You don’t need to log in; you can simply click “update” and “enable” when prompted, but otherwise, there’s no need to sign up. Additionally, if you download the latest version of the tracker right before your drafts, you won’t need to go through the update step either.


Can I use the draft tracker doing an auction league?

Would I have to put the players in manually for each team?

Aaron Bruski

Hi John! There aren’t any auction values loaded into the tracker but I just did an auction last night with it and kept a little notepad with auction values next to me… The numbers change and become irrelevant so fast anyway that I was more focused on the draft tracker and strategy, etc. And then make sure you name each of your opponents teams so you can add them into the tracker a little bit easier. Auctions are wild and valuations can vary pretty quickly if a team grabs a bunch of players early and somebody else sits on their… Read more »


I’m still having a problem with the tracker, when I change the punt setting from YES (Turnovers) to NO the names of all the players and their projected stats disappears. This doesn’t happen when I change the PER GAME to TOTALS. Can you advise what I am doing wrong and how to fix? Thank you


This also happening when I change from ZSCORE TOTALS to just TOTALS.

Aaron Bruski

Hi John! I just put you in one email thread with Andre and I. Hang tight!


Hey everyone, just watched Dan’s video about the new tools. Seems like I should wait for an email to get them, just wanted to be sure  🙂 

Dan Besbris

Correct – emails will be going out shortly!


Great  😌 

Jason Kim

I just got the fantasy pass last night and I was just curious whether I should’ve gotten an email immediately after the purchase, or if I have to wait a few more days for that to happen.

Dan Besbris

Hey Jason! It’s the same invite link we’ve been posting all over the place, but once inside Discord make sure to let a mod know you have premium! https://t.co/aCx2jb98Fb

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