• Rockets Dynasty Recap 2024

    Even though they couldn’t make it to the Play-In Tournament, the Rockets situation feels very positive in the present and future. A lot of their future pieces are starting to show signs of success, while some others are on their last legs to demonstrate their true worth. We take a look at the whole roster in this analysis.

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    Dynasty Risers

    Alperen Şengün (10-25)

    It’s a pity the way his season ended, but the rest of it was probably the best outcome possible for whoever was rostering him. Last year saw Sengun’s rise of one of the most versatile and special offensive players in the NBA for the present and future. His defense still needs to mature a lot, but there’s enough time for him to get that sorted out.

    If there’s anybody who has a similar game to Nikola Jokic, it’s Sengun by a mile. At 22-years-old and with three seasons under his belt, this is only the beginning for the Turkish prodigy.

    Amen Thompson (40-70)

    We all knew Thompson’s jumper was and is going to take time to develop, but I think very few people expected the rest of his game to be this mature already. Thompson became a key part of the Rockets rotation during the second half of the season and it’ll be very surprising if his minutes don’t continue to climb as time goes on.

    The fundamentals are there and he has given us crazy stat-lines at such an early stage in his career, the ceiling and floor will keep rising and his ability to create a successful jumper will be the deciding factor on his potential.

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