• Pistons Dynasty Outlook 2023-2024

    With Monty Williams gone, anything could happen with the Pistons once they announce who their new head coach is — it seems set to be J.B Bickerstaff). 

    Fortunately, there are players with enough on their resume to be able to secure starter minutes at the very least, while others will have to compete for bench spots as Detroit’s roster last year was full of players and run by a coach who didn’t seem to be paying much attention. Whether they were good or bad, it’s another topic. Remember, you can see our evaluation criteria here:

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    Dynasty Risers

    Jalen Duren (40-70)

    In his sophomore season Duren locked up the starting center role and had a very solid campaign as a double-double machine. At just 20-years-old things should only be up from here, although the lack of defensive stats is worrisome to an extent. Maybe with a new coach in place, his defensive game can take a step further in his young fantasy career, with major upside on the table.

    Duren is as safe as it gets in Detroit, at least until someone or something screws it up somehow.

    Ausar Thompson (50-80)

    Even though he couldn’t continue the groove he had at the beginning of the campaign, when he was looking like ROY and DPOY material at the same time, there’s a lot to like about the twin to Amen Thompson.

    The one big issue Thompson needs to work on is being consistent on offense, as that’s the least developed area in his game. His ability to stuff the stat-sheet is something players at his age don’t typically find until they’re veterans, and his defensive presence will be game-changing once the Pistons get their stuff together as a team. Hold and ride the wave, because he has the potential to be a main player in dynasty fantasy basketball.

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