Weather Impacts on Your Fantasy Players for May 6-12

  • Less than ideal weather for both of this week’s series at Coors Field.

    It’s a shame that Denver’s weather won’t be ideal for hitters this week. You had this week circled on your calendar because it is one of only 7 weeks this season when the Rockies play a whole week at home. Unfortunately, Coors magic might not be as amazing as we would typically hope.

    A couple weather systems could bring rain to some games Monday through Thursday. Things look drier in most areas Friday through Sunday. Spring brings big temperature swings, so there are some warm weather games to target for our hitters. On the other hand, let’s avoid the cold weather games and ones where gusty inbound winds are expected.

    If you want to know which teams are the Weather Winners or Weather Losers of the week, or some individual player notes, skip to the bottom. Otherwise, here are the series or individual games to target/avoid based on this week’s weather.

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    Larry is a meteorologist who was fortunate to have a 36-year career “doing his hobby” with the National Weather Service. He’s a weather weenie who was fascinated by weather in elementary school and graduated with a degree in meteorology from Penn State. He obsesses about fantasy baseball, weather and the Phillies.

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