• Hawks Dynasty Recap 2024

    What was once a team with enough potential to compete for the Eastern Conference’s top spot has turned into a clumsy situation long-term, to the point that trading their biggest superstar in decades might be the only way to correct the situation. That’s the Atlanta Hawks for you, and here we’ll analyze their current roster for the 2024-2025 season as of right now.

    Dynasty Risers

    Jalen Johnson (25-45)

    Definitely a big candidate for breakout player of the year, fantasy and real-life wise, as Johnson exploded into an elite contributor for the Hawks and any fantasy team. Atlanta struck gold with this kid, as he’s so versatile it looks rather hard for him to stop being such a heavy producer.

    He still has work to do on refining his offense and maturing his overall game but the consensus is the same: Hold and don’t look back.

    Dynasty Neutrals

    Trae Young (8-18)

    Trae has to be one of the most disrespected players overall in the NBA, and it might have to do with the fact that he’s just Trae Young and people hate watching him play. That opens the door for value in fantasy leagues, however.

    While his effectiveness from the field did not improve and is at a puntable 43% for the year, his 37.3% from deep is great number for the volume of shots he handles. Although he posted career-highs in assists and steals (he did actually improve his defense), the issue for Young is consistency, as he had rough patches throughout the season. Whether it can be pinned to injuries or just his team struggling, it’s the thing he needs to figure out to be a lock in the top-10 of dynasty basketball.

    It is important to make clear, there’s a real chance Young gets moved before the season starts, as Atlanta needs to decide who will run their PG position from now on after the pairing of Young and Dejounte Murray hasn’t really worked during the past two seasons. 

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