ClippersCast: Noah Eagle Says Goodbye to Clipper Nation

It was a tremendous four years with the Clippers, but Noah Eagle's time with the team has come to an end. He joins Brandon to chat about his favorite memories, his new gig with NBC and the difficulty of calling Clippers games during the same week as CFB and CBB.

ClippersCast: The Season Comes to an End

After falling in Game 5, the Clippers season is over and it's time to look ahead to the 2023-24 campaign. Brandon and Matt chat a bit about the series loss to the Suns before chatting about the upcoming offseason. Should the Clips keep Westbrook? Can a team with oft-injured players actually take the regular season seriously? The guys chat about those topics and much more.

ClippersCast: Clips Down 3-1 to Suns

The Clippers season is officially on life support, as they dropped Game 4 and head to Phoenix down 3-1 in the series. Brandon and Matt chat about Kawhi's injury, Westbrook's phenomenal play and Ty Lue's rotations. 

ClippersCast: Suns Tie Series at 1-1

The Suns were red-hot from the mid-range in Game 2 and tied up the series at 1-1. Brandon is joined by Justin Wilson to look back at the game and discuss how the Clippers can slow down Phoenix in Game 3. Should the Clips make any adjustments? Find out!

ClippersCast: Clips Steal Game 1 in Phoenix

The Clippers knocked off Phoenix in Game 1, and Westbrook was the hero despite a 3-19 shooting performance. Brandon and Matt break down the wild win, and discuss what stood out that could be big moving forward in the series. Also, the duo chats about the standout performances from the evening. 

ClippersCast: Clippers-Suns Round 1 Preview

It's your official playoff preview! KD vs. Kawhi, CP3 vs. Westbrook, Ayton vs. Zu, Booker, the bench. It's all covered on this podcast as Shane Young joins Brandon to break down the Round 1 matchup from every angle! Plus, of course, the guys give their series predictions!

ClippersCast: Regular Season Ends, Suns Up Next

The regular season has come to a close and after back-to-back wins, the Clippers find themselves facing the Suns in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Brandon and Matt chat about the two games from the weekend, and the big takeaways as the postseason looms. Also, the guys give a brief preview of the first-round matchup.

ClippersCast: Clippers Sink Lakers Again!

The Clippers continued their dominance over the Lakers and look like they'll be avoiding the play-in tournament. Brandon and Matt break down everything from Wednesday night's win, including Norm and Bones' stellar play.

ClippersCast: Rants Galore as the Play-In Looms

With the Clippers losing 2 in a row, Brandon and Matt are not in the best of moods. The guys explain why they’re so upset with this current team and what needs to happen for the Clippers to avoid the dreaded play-in tournament.

ClippersCast: Batum In, Morris Out with Tomer Azarly

Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints joins Brandon to discuss Ty Lue's decision to go with Batum as a starter for the rest of the season. The guys also chat about what the rotation could look like with Norm's pending arrival and how far this team can go without PG.

ClippersCast: Emergency Pod! PG goes down!

Paul George is out for at least a couple weeks, so is this season over for the Clippers? Brandon and Matt break down PG's injury and what it means for the regular season and a possible postseason run. 

ClippersCast: Kawhi and PG leading LA to victory

The Clippers have won 5 of their last 6 and the optimism is really starting to show for Brandon and Matt. The guys discuss Kawhi and PG's role in the winning streak, Eric Gordon's strong play and whether it's worth it to try and drop to the 6-seed.

ClippersCast: Get the Magic Drunk The Clippers have won 3 in a row and are showing signs of turning their season around, but are Brandon and Matt buying into this hot stretch? The guys look back at the last…

ClippersCast: Faith No More?

The Clippers have lost 5 in a row, but could changes be on the horizon? Brandon and Matt chat about a possible bench move for Marcus Morris, who should replace him and what this would mean for a slimmer rotation. 

ClippersCast: Keeping the Faith

It's back-to-back overtime losses for the Clippers, but Matt and Brandon are still trying to stay optimistic for the stretch run. The guys discuss Marcus Morris' poor play, Westbrook's role on the team, small-ball lineups and much more.