ClippersCast: Is Serge Getting Close?

On our first SportsEthos edition of the show, Andrew Greif joins Brandon to recap the Clippers defeat in Memphis before the guys turn their attention to two key questions on Serge Ibaka and Brandon Boston Jr.!

ClippersCast: 6 in a Row!

The Clippers have won 6 in a row and Paul George is playing at an MVP level. Should PG be getting more MVP love? Has Eric Bledsoe silenced the critics? Is Nic Batum the second most valuable Clipper right now? We hit on it all!

ClippersCast: Intuit Dome & John Wall Rumors

The Clippers have broken ground on the Intuit Dome and Tomer Azarly joins Brandon to talk about the importance of the team having its own arena, along with what we should expect when attending a game. Also, the guys chat a bit about why John Wall to the Clippers probably will not happen.

ClippersCast: Bledsoe, Rough Schedules and This Is ...…

This is ... ClippersCast! Lame Jeopardy jokes aside, we're THRILLED to once again welcome Sabreena Merchant to the podcast. Sabreena and Brandon hit on the Eric Bledsoe acquisition, the Clippers rough low-rest schedule, and, yes, the recent Jeopardy hosting controversy!

ClippersCast: Draft Recap, Free Agency Preview

The Clippers went into Thursday's draft with one pick and came out with 3 players filled with potential. Mirjam Swanson of the OC Register joins Brandon on today's pod to break all 3 picks. Other topics include coaching staff changes and a look ahead to free agency.

ClippersCast: Kawhi Goes Under the Knife

Kawhi Leonard went under the knife and next season suddenly looks a bit scary. Andrew Greif from the LA Times joins Brandon to discuss why it took so long for Kawhi to undergo surgery, what a typical timeline looks like for a return to play and whether we think he will still opt out and get the max from the Clippers.

ClippersCast: Once Again, Clips Win Game 3!

New series, same story. The Clippers go down 0-2, only to respond in Game 3. Tomer Azarly joins Brandon to discuss the Game 3 win, including adjustments by Ty Lue, stellar Clippers defense and Reggie Jackson becoming Mr. June.