ClippersCast: The True Clippers Play-in Show

The dynamic duo that crushed all download records last postseason is back! Justin Wilson joins Brandon for a Clippers Play-In Preview show! Are the Clips actually better this year than last? Is Rob Covington the perfect fit to help this team take one step ahead? All that and more!

ClippersCast: Paul George Returns

PG is back! Brandon is joined by Shap from @thelobthejampod to discuss Paul George's triumphant return and the pivotal roles of Rob Covington and Isaiah Hartenstein as the Clips head towards the play-in!

ClippersCast: Back on Site, Clips Post-Break Outlook

Brian Sieman (@bsieman) joins Brandon this morning and the guys discuss the season so far, players that have stood out, broadcasting on location this year versus remote last year and why this team has continued to make this year incredibly fun to watch.

ClipsCast: Ibaka on the Way Out

Serge Ibaka is on the way out, and with the Clippers making their big splash a few days prior... was it enough? Brandon and Shane Young recap the run up to the deadline and what might lie in the buy-out market!

ClippersCast: The Case for Eric Bledsoe

The Ethos Clippers pod is back and we ring in the new year with our friend @thelobthejampod. Dr. Shap and Brandon chat about Eric Bledsoe's importance to this Clippers team, how difficult it has been to watch this season during the COVID era and Amir Coffey's improved play over the last several games.

ClippersCast: Is Serge Getting Close?

On our first SportsEthos edition of the show, Andrew Greif joins Brandon to recap the Clippers defeat in Memphis before the guys turn their attention to two key questions on Serge Ibaka and Brandon Boston Jr.!

ClippersCast: 6 in a Row!

The Clippers have won 6 in a row and Paul George is playing at an MVP level. Should PG be getting more MVP love? Has Eric Bledsoe silenced the critics? Is Nic Batum the second most valuable Clipper right now? We hit on it all!