The All-Rookie Podcast: Rookie Contracts!

This episode is all about the money!!! If you're curious about how much rookies make, this is the episode for you. I cover it all, from the Two-Way contracts to the 50-million-dollar man; also find out who hasn't signed yet!

The All-Rookie Podcast: Summer League Standouts!

On this episode, I go over all of the Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas Summer league standouts. Chet, Paolo, Keegan Murray and Blake Wesley are the MVP's as of now. Find out my biggest sleepers and biggest disappointments of the Summer League thus far!

The All-Rookie Podcast: The Hawks are on the…

Fresh off of the huge Dejounte Murray trade, I had to have @bradjarrett67 from @ethoshawks join me to talk about the future of the Hawks. The Hawks nailed the draft again, but will AJ Griffin get any playing time this year? Tune in to find out!

The All-Rookie Podcast: Mock Draft 2.0

Two trades have shaken up the draft order, so now it's time for my Mock Draft 2.0! It includes all 58 selections, (1st and 2nd round). It's less than a week until the NBA Draft, "so let's get straight to it like its nothing to it".

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