• The All-Star Break offers a nice lull from the NBA, so I had a chance to touch on players outside of the usual buy-low/sell-high candidates in this edition. Some leagues’ fantasy trade deadlines may have already passed but others may still have some time to sneak some deals in, so that’s why we are here, to help you make decisions for the ROS betterment of your team. Of course, no predictions are infallible, so as always, I will emphasize that the advice given here should be taken as more of a guide rather than some steadfast words which you need to follow.

    Here is your usual breakdown of the ESPN and Yahoo Scoring Systems for Points Leagues:

    1 POINTS 1
    1 REBOUNDS 1.2
    2 ASSISTS 1.5
    4 STEALS 3
    4 BLOCKS 3
    -2 TURNOVERS -1
    1 3PM n/a
    -1 FGA n/a
    2 FGM n/a
    -1 FTA n/a
    1 FTM n/a
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    Now for the good part. The buy-low and sell-high candidates.
    Here is the breakdown of how the labeling system I am using works:

    Buy– player is underperforming and should trend upwards or player’s season averages/value do not represent their ROS upside
    Buy/Ignore– player is underperforming but it may not be noticeable enough to execute a deal or is unlikely to yield a significant gain
    Ignore/Buy– player is slightly underperforming but isn’t guaranteed to trend back up or has other associated risk-reward traits

    Sell– player is overperforming and could gain you a lot of value in a trade or player’s season averages/value may not reflect their reduced ROS potential
    Sell/Hold– player is overperforming but may not net you enough value to give up the short-term upside or has a chance of maintaining their trend
    Hold/Sell– player is slightly overpeforming but has a solid chance to maintain their trend or just may not attract the attention of opposing managers to gain you enough upside to give up the short-term value

    Hold– player is worth keeping through their upward trend, may not get you fair value during their downward trend or should generally have stable value
    Ignore – player isn’t worth targeting during their underpeforming or overperforming period or has other reasons to be avoided
    Hold/Ignore– you should keep this player if you have him but you probably shouldn’t target them actively in a trade. Such a player likely has some type of risk-reward outlook or other uncertainties which make their future value difficult to predict

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    Here is a preview of how to use the table

    Type “Buy” to filter the results for all the Buy-Low Candidates

    Type “Sell” to filter the results for all the Sell-High Candidates

    You can also type in a specific player’s name if you are looking for analysis related to them. Tre Mann is an example of such a player who may be difficult to locate in the table, so typing his name will bring up all mentions of him.

    The table is sorted by the average fantasy points across both ESPN and Yahoo for the season, but you can change the sorting column by clicking the little up or down triangles in the header if you want to specifically sort by Yahoo’s FPTs, ESPN’s FPTs or the trending changes.

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