• We are fully entrenched in silly season and that means pickups are extremely important now, even more so than before if you’re still playing. Getting a games advantage equates to production advantage in the counting stats, which are the easiest to influence with your adds. Every team plays on the weekend this week, but the Hawks, Nuggets, Pistons and Grizzlies are the only four teams not playing on the 13-game Sunday. If you do have space to stream on Sunday by some miracle, keep that in mind if this is your championship week as you can drop those guys after their matchup on Saturday.

    Keep this week’s schedule in mind:

    Monday 1st = 6 Games
    Tuesday 2nd = 9 Games
    Wednesday 3rd = 9 Games
    Thursday 4th = 5 Games
    Friday 5th = 12 Games
    Saturday 6th = 4 Games
    Sunday 7th = 13 Games
    And if you’re playing on ESPN with two-week playoffs that go to the end (please end earlier next year), the final week is going to be harsh due to both the schedule and the amount of games off that will occur.
    Next week’s schedule is as follows:
    Monday 8th = 0 Games
    Tuesday 9th = 14 Games
    Wednesday 10th = 8 Games
    Thursday 11th = 5 Games
    Friday 12th = 15 Games
    Saturday 13th = 0 Games
    Sunday 14th = 15 Games
    If you’re in a roto league, without counting Monday, that means you only have 11 gamedays left to fill out your spots as well. If you have 9-to-11 games remaining for any roster spot, be very careful.

    You should use your pickups strategically based on this, since you may not have use of an add on the days with double-digit games. However, if you are in a league with IL+ or something similar, you might be able to use pickups due to the inevitable injury designations. ESPN’s IR is more flexible than Yahoo’s IL but less flexible than Yahoo’s IL+ and Fantrax’s IR is also pretty flexible and you should know your settings well enough to compose strategies based off those settings.

    If you want a good look at potential streaming strategies for this week, be sure to check out The Week Ahead by Derek Ball by clicking here.

    Standard Leagues

    (<50% rostered on Yahoo)


    Grant Williams, F/C, Hornets (31% rostered)

    Tonight: 33 minutes, 23 points (10-of-16 FG, 2-of-4 3PT, 1-of-2 FT), seven rebounds, two assists

    If Nick Richards remains out, trust Williams in standard formats for some points, treys and some boards. The Hornets go again on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

    Dalano Banton, G, Blazers (46% rostered)

    Tonight: 35 minutes, 26 points (8-of-17 FG, 4-of-8 3PT, 6-of-8 FT), five rebounds, five assists, three steals, two blocks

    Banton’s counting stats for points, treys, rebounds, assists and steals are all tremendous. With the Blazers seemingly revving up the engine on the tanking train, Banton seems like a reliable guy through silly season if you can handle some poor efficiency at times. The Blazers play again on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

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