• It’s that time of the year when we have the combined two-week matchups due to the All-Star break. We are only a few days away from having a little vacation from the grind of fantasy but we aren’t there yet, so let’s keep focused and check out the potential pickups from this 10-game Monday slate.

    Standard Leagues

    (<50% rostered on Yahoo)

    Tre Mann, G, Hornets

    Tonight: 34 minutes, 11 points (5-of-11 FG, 1-of-3 3PT), nine rebounds seven assists

    Mann has had a couple of solid showings in his first two Hornets appearances. He still hasn’t firmly convinced me yet, but the raw counting stats could be enough. Nine rebounds from your guard position is great and 16 dimes across two games is promising. He isn’t guaranteed to pan out but there is enough opportunity and potential to give him a speculative 12-team add to see where things go.

    Vasilije Micic recorded two points, three rebounds and four assists in 21 minutes. This was much worse than his strong debut on Saturday night. Micic is one to continue watching but he doesn’t need to be added in a 12-team league yet. In a deeper format like a 16-team league, I would be willing to take the speculative dive if it is a streamer-level player being dropped.

    Grant Williams, F, Hornets

    Tonight: 31 minutes, 21 points (6-of-12 FG, 2-of-6 3PT, 7-of-8 FT), four rebounds, three assists, one block

    Williams was even playing some small-ball center in this one as the Hornets ran some five-out offense. He also started well in Dallas over the first few weeks, so I can’t say he is guaranteed to have ROS value but his first two games are good enough to give him a speculative 12-team add. I would not drop anyone who may have ROS value though, but he can replace a basic streamer-level roster spot.

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