• The In-Season Tournament’s quarterfinals wrapped up on Tuesday night, setting the semi-final matchups for Thursday. Looking ahead at the rest of the week, Wednesday will host a big slate (11 games), and Friday has an even larger schedule (13 games) on tap. The Finals of the In-Season Tournament on Saturday will not count in fantasy, and since there are no games on Sunday, Thursday’s two games will likely provide the best opportunity for streaming. Just like in Monday’s quarterfinals, Tuesday’s losing teams will be added to the Friday schedule.

    Game 1
    Knicks @ Bucks

    Bucks advance to the semifinals on Thursday

    Malik Beasley, G, Bucks (58% rostered)

    Tonight: 32 minutes, 18 points (6-of-11 FG, 6-of-10 3PT), three rebounds 

    While not his most well-rounded game, Beasley continued his recent shooting tear. He’s averaging almost 11 points, three 3-pointers, 5 rebounds, and over a steal so far this season, putting him safely in the top 100. Beasley is a great add for the short term and beyond, especially for 3-pointers, rebounds (at the guard position), and steals, with a potential for huge points upside when his shooting runs extra hot. With the Bucks advancing to the Finals on Thursday, he’s a must stream in all formats.

    Josh Hart, G/F, Knicks (56% rostered)

    Tonight: 25 minutes, 11 points (6-of-8 FG, 2-of-3 3PT), four rebounds, one assist, three steals

    Hart only managed 25 minutes tonight in the blowout loss, but when he plays north of 30 he’s provided strong enough value to be a hold in standard leagues. He doesn’t excel at any one particular category beyond his almost seven rebounds at the guard position, but he contributes in most. His low usage caps his value, but he’s a decent stream and a worthy hold when his minutes are on the rise. Immanuel Quickley (65% rostered) is another Knicks guard who is likely rostered but may still be available in your league. Though he has a higher ceiling than Hart, his shot can run ice cold as it did tonight (1-of-7 FG).

    Donte DiVincenzo, G/F, Knicks (21% rostered)

    Tonight: 17 minutes, 14 points (2-of-5 FG,1-of-4 3PT, 2-of-2 FT), one rebound, two assists

    DiVincenzo played an underwhelming 17 minutes in the big loss but still made respectable contributions to multiple fantasy categories. Without an injury pushing up his minutes and usage, DiVincenzo is only stream-worthy, but when his shooting runs hot he can be an exceptional one, especially for 3-pointers (in his previous game, he scored 21 points with seven 3-pointers). The Knicks’ loss pushes their next game onto the already massive Friday slate, but DiVincenzo is still worth considering for points and 3-pointers.

    Isaiah Hartenstein, C, Knicks (5% rostered)

    Tonight: 17 minutes, 4 points (2-of-3 FG, 2-of-3 3PT), seven rebounds, five assists, two blocks, one turnover

    Coming off the bench, Hartenstein continued to provide steady value in rebounds and blocks in only 17 minutes, and his five assists from the center position is a pleasant surprise. In his limited bench role, Hartenstein isn’t worthy of a long-term hold in standard leagues, but stat lines like tonight show his potential. If the Knicks’ starting center Mitchell Robinson were to go down with an injury, as he has in the past, or if Hartenstein’s minutes were to push up, as they have in the past, Hartenstein would be an add in standard leagues. The Knicks did not advance to the semi-finals on Thursday, but Hartenstein remains a potential streamer on Friday if you need rebounds and blocks.

    Cam Payne, G, Bucks (3% rostered)

    Tonight: 11 minutes, 12 points (5-of-6 FG, 2-of-3 3PT), two rebounds, two assists, one steal, one turnover

    Payne only played 11 minutes but still made contributions in points, 3-pointers, shooting percentage, steals, rebounds and assists. Payne is not a long-term streaming target, his minutes and usage are just too low without an injury to spike his value, and while this shooting efficiency won’t hold, he can add value in most categories like he did tonight. The Bucks’ win puts Payne in standard-league consideration for streaming on Thursday, and he remains a deep-league option going forward.

    Marjon Beauchamp G/F, Bucks (1% rostered)

    Tonight: 19 minutes, 6 points (2-of-3 FG, 2-of-2 3PT), two rebounds, one assist, one steal

    With the Bucks advancing, Beauchamp is on the streaming radar for 3-pointers. AJ Green (0% rostered)  was a surprise contributor off the bench with three 3-pointers in the first half but went missing for the rest of the game. If Malik Beasley and Donte DiVincenzo are already taken in your league, Beauchamp is a possible option on the Bucks for 3-pointers.

    Game 2
    Suns @ Lakers

    Lakers advance to the semifinals on Thursday

    Grayson Allen, G/F, Suns (35% rostered)

    Tonight: 39 minutes, 21 points (6-of-14 FG, 4-of-8 3PT, 5-of-5 FT), two rebounds, two assists, two steals, one block 

    Allen started and for most of the night had the hot hand. With Bradley Beal still out with a back injury, Allen’s minutes have risen, and when his usage spikes like tonight he can be the stream of the night. Even when his usage dips, he’s still a steady contributor. In his last games five games, Allen is averaging 10 points, four rebounds, three assists, and a steal. Scoop him up if he’s available, and hold if you have him.

    Eric Gordon, G/F, Suns (50% rostered)

    Tonight: 34 minutes, 7 points (3-of-8 FG, 1-of-4 3PT), four rebounds, two assists, two steals, one block

    With Bradley Beal still sidelined, Gordon has been a steady multi-category contributor and is a strong hold. Though he won’t often display high usage, his minutes are steady (averaging over 32 in the past 5 games). If available, he should be streamed in all formats.

    Cam Reddish, G/F, Lakers (20% rostered)

    Tonight: 29 minutes, 4 points (0-of-3 FG, 0-of-2 3PT, 4-of-4 FT), one rebound 

    Reddish shot miserably tonight, but has flashed scoring potential. He needs high usage, but even when he starts like he did tonight, Reddish’s contributions are often capped by players like Taurean Prince (12% rostered) and Max Christie (4% rostered), who offer similar skill sets. The minutes and usage are often too spread out between them for any to be reliable. But with the Lakers advancing to the semi-finals, Reddish is a risky but potentially valuable stream for points, 3-pointers, and steals.

    Rui Hachimuru, F, Lakers (15% rostered)

    Tonight: 21 minutes, 7 points (3-of-8 FG, 1-of-4 3PT), two rebounds, one assist 

    Hachimura’s shooting will improve as he plays more minutes and regains confidence, but his value is limited to points, rebounds and threes. The Lakers’ win tonight makes him a potentially viable stream for Thursday.

    Jarred Vanderbilt, F, Lakers (13% rostered)

    Tonight: 14 minutes, 1 point (0-of-2 FG, 1-of-2 FT), 1-of-1 FT, six rebounds, two assists, one turnover

    Finally returning from injury, Vanderbilt showed his ability to put up strong rebound numbers even in low minutes. His shooting won’t always be this bad, but he’ll never be a high-usage player, so his value is limited to rebounds and defensive stats. Christian Wood (19% rostered) has at times been a worthy streamer in the Lakers front court but logged no minutes with Vanderbilt and Hachimura back. With the Lakers advancing, Vanderbilt can be streamed for rebounds on Thursday.


    Drew Eubanks, C, Suns (8% rostered)

    Tonight: 13 minutes, 14 points (2-of-2 FG, 2-of-3 3PT), two rebounds, one assist, one steal, three turnovers 

    With three early Nurkic fouls, Eubanks played more and showed his ability to put up a strong center fantasy stat line in the first half. However, Nurkic held his fouls largely in check in the second half and Eubanks disappeared, only playing four minutes the rest of the game. He remains a worthy stream at center, especially if you’re looking for rebounds and defensive stats.

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