Pickups of the Day for May 27th

  • Terrible, horrible, no-good news came late in the evening on Sunday, when it was announced that Ronald Acuna would miss the rest of the season with an injury, tearing his ACL. It is the second superstar the Braves lost for the season, after losing Spencer Strider earlier in the year. Will they be able to hold things together and continue to fight for their place in the standings and the playoff race or will the buckle and crumble without their two megastars? Who knows. We are just about one-third of the way through the fantasy season and dealing with injuries, whether they be to superstars or your 28th round pick, is just one part of the game. Searching the waiver wire, finding a budding fantasy producer or star and being the first one to make a move is also a crucial part of the game. So, because the loss of Acuna is so huge (I mean, he was the first pick in like 99.99999999% of all drafts), I have four outfielders to recommend, in hopes that one of these guys will help dry up our collective tears just a little bit.

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