• Wednesday was a fun one, and it could have been even more enjoyable if that Grizzlies game didn’t get wiped out. But no complaints, we hit the handicap right on most of the games and went 3-1 on plays.

    #Lakers @ #Bucks (-1) (229)

    This should be a fun one. Milwaukee getting the Nets and Lakers back to back is just ripe for a fade AFTER these two games. The Lakers, frankly, might have been in a look-ahead posture after blowing that late lead to the Warriors. On paper the Lakers are the better team, but I’d be floored if this wasn’t a close game. I’d be inclined to look at the Under before either of the sides – I don’t think Milwaukee wants another shootout like they had with Brooklyn, and the Lakers know their path to beating good teams is defense.

    #Knicks @ #Warriors

    I legitimately have no idea why we don’t have a line on this one. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but given Golden State’s recent improved play, they’ll be a decent sized favorite. And they should be. The Knicks won’t roll over, but the Dubs should win the game. The question, as per the ATS moniker is will they cover? I’m not likely to jump into this one unless something wild happens.

    #Pelicans @ #Jazz (-6.5) (218)

    This is the second half of a Rematch Pair that saw Utah run away with the first one. And normally, I’d try to fade that result, expecting the Pels to make some sort of adjustment and come back stronger, but Utah is owning teams right now. Zion was good in that first one, but that was about it for New Orleans, and I just struggle to see how they overcome their disadvantages in a lot of spots. The pace of the first game was basically right on 217/218, so perhaps someone might spy an Under thinking this one is a bit more of a grind? Leans to the Pels and the Under, but right now the Pellies are leaving a lot to be desired in terms of their play.

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