• We were up the whole dang night and the Mavs let us down in a big way. I think the only play I regret was the Wolves. They’re truly awful no matter what scheduling quirk the other team might be running into…

    #Blazers @ #Bulls (-2) (232)

    This line feels about right to me. Blazers can’t stop anyone and we’ve seen Zach LaVine tends to enjoy games like those, but Dame is likely to light it up. I’d lean slightly to Bulls since I just don’t believe Portland can hang on and win games right now, but no key angles to exploit.

    #Bucks (-7) @ #Hornets (227)

    The Bucks are midway through not showing up in New Orleans while I type this handicap, so I guess there’s a chance they get it going and make that game fun… if they get blown out, I’m probably leaving this one alone. Laying a huge number on the road is always a scary proposition, and if they come in angry, the game could either swing toward letdown or beatdown. Too much in the air.

    #Rockets @ #Pelicans (PK) (223)

    The Pelicans are fresh off a big game with the Bucks, and they looked pretty dang good in their second game back home, and, honestly, have played better in the higher profile games. This one may or may not qualify as high profile, but this one falls into the letdown vs. team rolling coin flip again. I don’t feel confident that I know which Pels team shows up, but I’d lean slightly toward a fade that NOP can do it two games in a row like that.

    #Kings @ #Heat

    A back-to-back for Sacramento and we’re waiting on the Heat getting a bunch of guys back. I tend to fade a team getting key guys back but Miami has been so awful that I worry there won’t be enough value in fading them. That’s the way I’d like to look at least at first, but we can’t possibly make up our minds on this one without knowing who’s playing and what the line looks like.

    #Lakers @ #Celtics

    LeBron and AD are questionable but I bet we see both guys play in this mega marquee matchup. And it’ll be a good one. Boston has definitely been looking ahead to it. Lakers might have been guilty of that, as well. This should be a fun one. I think the Lakers are slumping ever so slightly. Nothing colossal, but if there was a chance to maybe catch them in a tiny funk, it could be this. I’m most likely to pass on the big game of the day, though.

    #Suns @ #Mavericks

    Devin Booker is already listed out and this is the first half of a Rematch Set. You know what I’m planning to do, already: watch the first one, cash in on the second one. I have a Mavericks lean out of the gate, here, though Dallas isn’t exactly in a fun scheduling spot after a late game on Friday. You could potentially call it a Dallas revenge spot, but I fear it’s been too long to care about the first game of the season.

    #Pistons @ #Warriors (-5.5) (224.5)

    Guys, the Pistons aren’t bad. The Warriors beat ’em in Motown back at the end of December. My great fear in taking Detroit is that they just got a big win over the Lakers and that might be good enough for the time being. Still, the Warriors are a little bit of a one-man gang even now, and pulling away from competent teams seems tough.

    #Grizzlies @ #Spurs

    I think this game is set to happen, and that’s wild. Memphis hasn’t played in forever, Spurs are kind of rolling right now. I’m very, very curious what this line looks like. Haven’t a clue, truly. I want to bet Spurs, but I also want to be pragmatic and they’ll probably be laying a few. I know Memphis will have a huge rest edge, but things could get really sloppy.

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