• Russell Westbrook
    PG, Houston Rockets

    Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer is reporting that Russell Westbrook could be moved again this offseason following the second round exit of the Rockets and the departure of Daryl Morey.

    “It is interesting the last 24 hours I did have multiple sources that I trust tell me that teams believe Russell Westbrook could be had," said Kevin O'Connor. "And I've heard the Clippers and Knicks have interest. Whether anything materializes there, who knows?" With a weak free agency this year it makes sense for teams to explore alternative avenues of improving their roster and Westbrook isn’t an exception regardless of his enormous contract. The Clippers are reportedly looking to upgrade at the point while the Knicks are desperate for a superstar so both teams make sense as a speculative destination. Expect more rumor talk in the next few weeks.

    Source: The Ringer

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