• Steven Adams
    C, New Orleans Pelicans

    Zach Lowe of ESPN is reporting that, as part of his trade to New Orleans, the Pelicans have signed Steven Adams to a two-year, $35M extension.

    The Pelicans seem to be invested into Adams even though his fit next to Zion Williamson doesn’t seem to be ideal. This is a great landing spot for him though as he is the undeniable starter and he should be locked in for at least 30 minutes per night.

    Source: Zach Lowe on Twitter

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Rod Coffin

Hey there, I purchased the draftguide for $19.99, and my draft is coming up soon. Why is it that I have to wait for content when I paid full price? Especially in a condensed season, I feel like guide buyers shouldnt have to wait. Thanks for considering. Rod Coffin

Dan Besbris

Hey Rod – toss an email over to support@hoop-ball.com and you can learn more. You may have purchased an item that didn’t contain the things you were looking for, and we’ll be happy to try to get you steered in the right spot.

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