• Ben Simmons
    PG, Philadelphia Sixers

    With less than a month remaining before the start of the playoffs, and with a potential first round matchup against the Celtics looming, Brett Brown’s number one priority is to get Simmons to a point where he is comfortable with his new role.

    After failing to offer any sort of resistance to T.J. Warren as the Pacers forward poured in 53 points two nights ago, Simmons spent much of the second half of Monday night’s win over the Spurs on the bench in foul trouble. For the second straight game he did not look to shoot from the perimeter and everywhere else on the court he was little more than a bystander. This might not be the worst that we’ve seen Simmons over the last couple of seasons, but it is on that end of the spectrum. The Sixers don’t need him to shoot but they sure need him to do all of the other things that he is capable of doing, and maybe that means that the charismatic guard needs to be back in the role in which he was before. Shake Milton though bounced back from a mediocre opening game against the Pacers and hit the game-winning shot on Monday, further solidifying his case for retaining the starting role.

    Source: Phily Inquirer