CelticsCast: Celtics Blow Doors Off Miami

The Celtics rebound in a strong way, defeating the Miami Heat 127-102 with contributions from up and down the lineup. Lead by their three best players and a barrage of three pointers, the Celtics just were too much for the Heat to handle. The return of Marcus Smart and Al Horford also proved to be huge, as expected, with Smart having a huge 24 point-12 assist-1 turnover game. They controlled the game for 43 minutes of this game and did not look back. Patrick and Lucas explain how everything went right and look forward to the next couple games in Boston.

CelticsCast: Celtics Can’t Overcome Poor Third Quarter

The Celtics play a good first half, only for it to be wasted by a horrific third quarter. Turnovers and missed free throws really killed the one Celtics, and they just couldn’t match the Heats second half intensity until it was too late. Pat and Lucas cover what went wrong and what could potentially go right in game two.

CelticsCast: Celtics Move On and Match Up with…

The Celtics close out the series with a commanding win at home in game 7 against the Bucks! Lucas celebrates his correct prediction and Patrick celebrates his incorrect prediction because the Celtics still won. They wore down the Bucks just enough for them to run out of gas in the second half. The guys look forward to the Heat series that starts on Tuesday, and drop their series predictions.

CelticsCast: Celtics Force a Game 7!

A game 7 is coming to Boston! On the back of Jayson Tatum scoring 46 points, the Celtics beat the Bucks by double digits 108-95. It was a phenomenal performance from Tatum, but we also saw a ever resilient Marcus Smart comeback with a phenomenal game. He came out on fire scoring 14 points (to almost match the 17 Giannis had) in the first quarter. They battled through a 40-point 20-rebound game from the NBA’s defending Finals MVP. Pat and Lucas cover the game, and get into game 7 predictions!

Celtics Tie the Series at 2-2

Pat and Lucas break down the crucial game 4 victory that the Celtics won 116-108 on the back of a massive fourth quarter. Specifically, a massive fourth quarter from The Godfather himself, Al Horford! With 6-6 and 16 points in the final frame, he helped save the game and potentially the season. Along with other big contributions from Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart, the Celtics ended up pulling out the victory. Pat gives Lucas some trivia which he (surprisingly) gets correct! They also look forward to game 5 and pick the keys to the game!

CelticsCast: Celtics Respond in a BIG Way Game…

After getting bullied in game 1, the Celtics respond exactly how everyone wanted them to; by getting up and throwing a haymaker of their own. They controlled the game from the beginning due to a hot start from Jaylen Brown, and never really relinquished control after that. Pat holds it down with a solo show before game 3 on Saturday.

CelticsCast: Bucks Come Out Swinging

The defending champion Bucks open the series swinging and take game 1 in pretty dominant fashion. The Celtics need to adjust for game 2 in a must win level game against the best player in the world. Patrick and Lucas discuss how they may do that, and who needs to step up in order for that to happen.

CelticsCast: Celtics Bucks Preview

The Celtics have officially matched up with their Eastern Conference Semi Final opponent, the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks! This series is likely to be a LOT different than the Celtics-Nets series, and should be a battle of 6 or 7 games. Without Khris Middleton do the Bucks have enough fire power to take out the Celtics? Pat and Lucas talk about it.

CelticsCast: Celtics Sweep Nets

The Celtics take care of business in four games against the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving! With a little bit of help from everyone, from the star players to the coaching staff to the role players and fans, the Celtics completed the sweep! Pat and Lucas cover the series in it’s entirety, and look forward to the Eastern Conference Semi-finals ever so briefly!

CelticsCast: Celtics take a 3-0 Series Lead

The Celtics take a commanding 3-0 lead against the Brooklyn Nets with a 109-103 victory in the Barclays Arena. Patrick and Lucas break down the game, look forward to game 4, and reflect on why this iteration of the Celtics team has been one of their favorites in recent memory.

CelticsCast: Celtics Storm back from 17 down and…

With the Celtics going up 2-0 and Robert Williams returning for game 3 in Brooklyn, things are looking pretty good for the Celtics . It is important to remember that there is a long way to go, but nonetheless it is impossible to love and appreciate the growth this Celtics team has shown. Patrick and Lucas break it all down.

CelticsCast: Marcus Smart Wins the DPOY! + Fan…

Lucas and Patrick celebrate the well deserved Defensive Player of the Year award that was received by Marcus Smart this week. They cover how the award was received by players and media alike (Spoiler; some media members were not happy). Praise was showered on Smart by other elite defenders from Mikal Bridges, Draymond Green, and Celtics defensive legend Tony Allen. They then talk about Kyrie and what he has to say postgame, and then open up the room foe listeners of the live show to share some questions and opinions.

CelticsCast: Celtics Win Game One at the Buzzer

https://stream.redcircle.com/episodes/c8529154-1ead-4c81-b90a-e13f1e31daea/stream.mp3 The Celtics go up 1-0 in their first round series following an EPIC game against the Nets. It was a back and forth game that looked like it would end with some Kyrie triples,…

CelticsCast: Celtics Look Forward to the Nets for…

Pat and Lucas cover a series that has plenty of fireworks on and off the court. Drawing the nets in round one may not be the best scenario, but you need to play who’s in front of you. Both hosts rank the best players in the series, and give their final prediction. Lucas and Patrick will be back on Sunday.