MLB Trade Deadline Review: NL Central

  • As with my first article on the NL East deals, I’ll be going through each of the National League Central teams and their activity at the trade deadline.

    Milwaukee Brewers

    Additions: Carlos Santana, Mark Canha, Andrew Chafin, Bradley Blalock, Evan McKendry

    Cost: Justin Jarvis, Alex Jackson, Luis Urias, Peter Strzelecki, Jhonny Severino

    The Brewers elected to try the under-the-radar approach to the trade deadline this year, and given the limited resources at their disposal, it seems to be a sensible one. The only two minor leaguers they gave up have relatively minimal value; Jhonny Severino is a lottery ticket 18-year old shortstop with some projectable power, but no substance to his game yet, and Justin Jarvis is a solid right handed pitcher, but one with a middle-of-the-rotation ceiling who likely projects as a 5/6 starter on a good team. Fairly on value given the return of Mark Canha, and the fact they won’t have to pay him (unless they pick up his option). Peter Strzelecki is more controllable than Chafin, but acquiring the lefty was deemed necessary enough to part ways with the slinging righty. 

    Bradley Blalock, the pitcher in return for Luis Urias, projects as a middle- to back-of-the-rotation starter, with a solid mid-90s fastball and a four pitch mix. Obviously selling low on Urias, but enough value on the return to make it worthwhile. Alex Jackson for Evan McKendry is a bit of a nothing trade for now; McKendry is probably a AAAA starter, maybe used as an optionable relief arm in low-leverage games. Jackson is far enough removed from his prospect status to have minimal value, but maybe Tampa Bay will be the team to finally tap into that power at the plate, and turn it in to game results.

    Overall, solid but unspectacular deadline, addressing their needs with cheap but effective enough returns is worth a 7.5/10.

    Cincinnati Reds

    Additions: Sam Moll

    Cost: Joe Boyle

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