• SportsEthos was founded on the idea that we are going to win, we are going to help you win and we are going to be a leader in this space by constantly finding ways to add value.

    Here is our latest shot across the bow.

    Welcome to our first significant foray into offering tools for the season-long fantasy, DFS and betting markets. We are taking the best analysts in the game and plugging their industry-leading work product into technology that will continue to grow and improve on a constant basis.

    These tools, powered by Aaron Bruski, Andre Lemos, Dan Besbris, Keith Cork, Solomon Lerner, Mike Passador and more, are taking the astounding amount of success and the principles behind the B150 — in addition to the collective brainpower around here — and distilling it into easily consumable, good old fashion destroy your competition fun.

    Ask anybody that used our Draft Tracker how that worked out for them. And that was our first bite at the apple.

    So NBA FantasyPass holders are going to continue to get that advantage as are WagerPass, DFS Pass and Ethos 360 members, including their associated bundle plans.

    For season-long fantasy players there are team analyzers, trade analyzers, head-to-head breakdown tools and start/sit tools.

    Speaking directly to DFS players there are daily projections in here that compete with the best in the business immediately. We’ve handled those projections in the past. We know what it takes to be the best. We respect some of the other great work out there but good luck keeping up with us. And we might be speaking more to the books with that than anybody else.

    For bettors, we are going to crush the player props market and all of this knowledge is going to filter into the WagerPass plays of the day, the DFS plays of the day in all of their various forms and throughout the entire website as we continue to level up.

    Members will be contacted with instructions for how to get set up in for a quick tutorial of what you can expect, check out the sultry tones of Dan Besbris below.

    Toolmaster’s Note: When opening your unique link, please be sure to click ‘enable’ to ensure you have our latest projections. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at 

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