• Summer is starting with a bang this week as a heat wave has developed in much of the U.S.  Very hot and humid weather will continue much of this weekend, bringing great hitting conditions to many MLB parks.

    It’s often good to target a series in Coors and that’s especially true this weekend with warm weather in Denver. Also, we have the making of a ‘one day wonder’ at Wrigley Field on Saturday when temps vault to 92 degrees and combine with gusty outbound winds to make an awesome hitting environment. Don’t expect the same setup on Friday or Sunday, however, as temps will only be in the 70’s those days with slight inbound winds.

    There are MANY series with excellent hitting environments this weekend and only a few to avoid, including:

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    Larry is a meteorologist who was fortunate to have a 36-year career “doing his hobby” with the National Weather Service. He’s a weather weenie who was fascinated by weather in elementary school and graduated with a degree in meteorology from Penn State. He obsesses about fantasy baseball, weather and the Phillies.



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