• Dreams are coming true this week! Well, that’s true for hitters, but not so much for pitchers. It will be the best hitting week of the season so far, thanks to a developing heat wave across much of the country. Hitters should feast because forecasts call for 90+ degree heat along with a favorable dose of humidity for many games. We have a seven-game series at hitter-friendly Coors Field and a few games with the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field. What more can you ask for? Maybe no rain? Check. Very little rain is expected this week except for the Rays/Twins series.

    The heat wave sets up HUGE temperature differences. You’ll definitely want to target hitters playing in the hot areas but avoid the games where temperatures will only be in the 70’s (some just in the 60’s!).

    If you want to know which teams are my Weather Winners or Weather Losers of the week, skip to the bottom of this article. Otherwise, here are the series or individual games to target/avoid based on this week’s weather.


    Targets: This Week’s Best Hitting Environments

    There are almost too many to mention, but here are the best hot weather games that will produce great hitting environments:

    • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (Monday-Wednesday; 90-95 degrees each day)
    • San Diego at Philadelphia (Tuesday & Wednesday; 85 degrees for Monday’s game is good but 90-95 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday is better)
    • Baltimore at NY Yankees (Tuesday-Thursday; 88-96 degrees with Thursday’s game being the best)
    • San Francisco at St. Louis (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday; 95 degrees each game…note that there is no game on Friday)
    • Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh (Friday-Sunday; the heat wave continues all week in Pittsburgh with temps around 95 for this series)
    • Arizona at Philadelphia (Friday-Sunday; three more heat wave games in Philly with temps as high as 98 plus humidity!)
    • Boston at Cincinnati (Saturday & Sunday; 87 degrees for Friday’s game is good but Sat & Sun will be even better as temps climb to 96)

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    Larry is a meteorologist who was fortunate to have a 36-year career “doing his hobby” with the National Weather Service. He’s a weather weenie who was fascinated by weather in elementary school and graduated with a degree in meteorology from Penn State. He obsesses about fantasy baseball, weather and the Phillies.



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