The Bullpen Call: Non-Closers To Add and Lingering Saves Pickups

  • Hey fantasy baseball heads, we’re calling you into the game to review some of the hot reliever adds across the MLB. We’ll review non-closers with value, hold options, and a bunch of new saves plays on the scene.

    Non-Closers to Consider

    Matt Moore (LAA, RP)

    Moore hasn’t been Yennier Cano, but he fits the ratio-reducer mold well. Moore has value without saves so far, proven by his 1.17 ERA, 0.74 WHIP, 21 Ks and 3 wins out of the bullpen. Moore was also solid in 2022 with a 1.95 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 5 wins and 5 saves. He’s in the top 100 in standard cat and roto leagues, and you could be leaving weekly value on the table ignoring non closing RPs.

    Matt Strahm (PHI, RP)

    Strahm may have extra value for managers looking to maximize active P slots, as Strahm has RP/SP eligibility on some platforms. If you’re in an RP heavy build and only have open SP slots left per day, then Strahm can bring some extra value. He has value in any type of build to be fair. Strahm has a multi inning relief role, and he stands to help your ratios, Ks and can add some ancillary vulture wins. Strahm’s current line: 2.73 ERA, 0.97 WHIP, 47 Ks, 33 innings. He’s added 4 wins and a save (started year in rotation before role shift).

    Hector Neris (HOU, RP)

    We love adding non-closers simply because they still have value. WHIP and ERA matter and having a few ratio reducers to slot in daily pitching slots can really add up. Having two ratio reducers with good K rates can be akin to rostering an additional elite starter, as their stats add up. Neris has a 1.33 ERA, 24 Ks, and a 0.89 WHIP in 20 innings. Neris is in the top 100 in standard cat head-to-head and roto leagues. If any hitter was in the top 100, they’d be highly rostered. For some reason, people love leaving non-closing RPs on the table since they don’t get saves. However, many of these managers can help their weekly ratios and add some Ks with Neris types.

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