• No plays yesterday but I did give out three leans on Twitter to the Wolves, Spurs and Wizards, and all three hit. Yes, I left money on the table, but yes, I’m also quite pleased to know the handicap was spot on.

    #Nets (-6.5) @ #Pistons (229.5)

    Sounds like Kyrie is back as Detroit heads home off a rough 0-4 road trip. Normally I’d fade a team coming back to their own arena but not when the trip is that awful. It’s a sluggish spot but there’s no complacency like after a good roadie. I want to take the points with the home dog but push that up against travel fatigue and you might just leave it alone.

    #Knicks @ #Heat (-7) (208)

    These two teams met on Sunday afternoon and the Heat prevailed by 6. I’d love to tell you the Knicks have some sort of positive regression coming, but I’m honestly not sure they could have played a lot better than they did, at least offensively. Reggie Bullock had a big one, they got stuff from Alec Burks, and on the Heat side Jimmy Butler actually was off shooting, though Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn picked up the slack. And maybe that’s the area we pinpoint. The Heat will get more from their stars but probably less from the other guys, and the Knicks are catching an extra 1-2 points on the line.

    #Rockets @ #Pelicans (-6) (226)

    Pels have quietly gone 5-2 in their last 7 to get back to feeling better, though the competition hasn’t exactly been the stiffest, it hasn’t been terrible, either. The Rockets rocked the Pels on Jan 30, though Houston is missing Wood and Dipo for this one. The line isn’t out yet but the Pels are going to be laying a few, and that’s the only part of this I don’t like, since I feel pretty confident NOP wins the game… but can they cover a line?

    #Warriors @ #Spurs (-1.5) (233)

    I feel pretty good about the notion that the Dubs won’t lose the turnover battle by 10 giveaways again. Take better care of the ball, get a few more shots, maybe win the game, but at least make it a final possession affair. Hell, they only lost by 5 despite 20 giveaways and bad foul shooting (though not sure that gets any better). Dejounte Murray will come back to earth in this rematch and maybe we can argue Steph could, too, but he can get hot, and the Spurs are, well, a little old on the back-to-back, too.

    #Sixers (-4.5) @ #Kings (231)

    If you’re thinking this is a low number, you’d be right. If you’re thinking it’s a trap, it’s probably not. The Kings have been playing well and after the SU win over the Clippers, they’re getting a little line respect. There’s no way I can bet a short road favorite against a hot home team, but it’s not a sucker bet, so go with your gut.

    #Celtics @ #Jazz (-6) (220)

    This is both the last game of a road trip for Boston and also a chance for the C’s to end the roadie with a winning record. The Jazz are owning teams, so it’s a hard wager to make, but I think Boston gets Jaylen Brown back and gives Utah a nice test in a way they sort of haven’t been recently.

    #Magic @ #Blazers (-6) (219.5)

    Sounds like the regulars are good to go for Portland. The same can’t be said for Orlando, who really have nobody left. This is a rough scheduling spot for Portland, coming back home off a ton of travel, but unless this line is quite large, I have no idea how Orlando keeps up offensively with Vuc, T-Ross and … who?

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