• Got a lot right on Wednesday, and I feel great about that. That was a public bloodbath of a night if ever I could spot one in advance, and we dodged a lot of the pitfalls, winning a couple units in the process.

    #Blazers @ #Sixers (-10) (223)

    Blazers better be getting a truckload of points, here. That’s the only way I even remotely consider getting down on it. It’s also possible we don’t see Embiid in one of the Sixers games on this back-to-back (they had Charlotte last night). You could grab Blazers on opening line and hope it nosedives on Embiid news to middle, but not sure I’m going anywhere near this game on a straight wager with as flimsy as the Blazers are right now. Though if RoCo is waking up that could give them a point or two of value against the power rankings…. update: everyone is out for Portland. This is a total mess of a game but often you see these backups backdoor it.

    #Warriors @ #Mavericks (-3.5) (228.5)

    I tell you, buddy, the public just adores the Mavs far more than I realized. The handicap on this one will have a lot to do with how the Mavericks game in Atlanta goes on Wednesday night, but the Warriors have been oddly effective lately, particularly on defense. I have to say, though, I really like how the Mavs defended Trae Young, and I’m wondering if they do something similar with Steph. Doubt it. Dray is a much better passer than anyone around Trae, so just getting it out of Steph’s hands won’t work quite as well. Still, I like teams coming out of a funk to right the ship. Lean Mavs before we see a line… and now lean nobody once the line revealed itself.

    #Jazz (-7) @ #Hawks (223.5)

    This line came out at 5 and was immediately bet up to 7, and I’m wondering if maybe it went too far. The Jazz beat the Hawks by 24 a couple weeks back and after a loss against Denver, Utah got back on track with an easy win over Detroit. Are they starting up a new streak? Maybe, but it’s hard to NOT be overvalued after racking up 11 straight wins. Even the slightest slippage and you’re not covering.

    #Rockets @ #Grizzlies (-1) (224.5)

    At this point I just can’t read the Grizzlies. There are teams in this league that you just don’t have a feel for, and Memphis is that team, for me. I’m thinking they probably play a decent ballgame here, but straight up, who knows.

    #Nuggets @ #Lakers (-5.5) (217)

    We’ve got playoff revenge, the Lakers back home off a road trip, and the Lakers getting smaller during the offseason. This isn’t a particularly big line for LA to cover, which gives the favorite a better shot, but the dog has a lot of stuff pointing in its direction.

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