• 2-1 on Saturday makes a nice pair of winning days off the 1-play bigger loss on Thursday. Wednesday was a winner, too, and 3 out of every 4 days will do just fine.

    #Jazz @ #Pacers

    I thought I saw this line pop up at Jazz -4.5, but it looks like everything came back off the board for Sunday. And with all early games it’s going to be a sprint. In any event, the Jazz are crushing teams even after having their streak snapped by Nuggets. They just went right back to winning big. The Pacers pose a unique challenge, but I think the bigger question mark is which team is ready to go in a midday game. I probably lean to the public favorite just given how unpredictable the Pacers have been lately, but not sure it’s hard enough to do anything.

    #Wizards @ #Hornets

    The Wizards probably shouldn’t be laying points to anyone on the road, and yet, here we are. Russell Westbrook continues to make this team worse in almost every facet, and I don’t know if it’s his game or his body or some combination of both, but I think we can safely fade Washington when Russ is in there and take more of a game-by-game approach when he’s out. Lean Hornets, as they’ve been playing well anyway.

    #Heat @ #Knicks

    Both of these teams have played well enough in day games, so I’m not sure there’s an obvious angle here. Miami is starting to get their rhythm back but it’s not fully there, and the Knicks are competitive most games. In such a spot, you probably have to look at the dog first, but again, devoid of any special angles that I’m completely missing, the line of a Miami medium road favorite is probably pretty good for splitting cash.

    #Celtics @ #Suns

    It looks like the Suns may open as a small home favorite, and I’m good with that. The Celtics got a big pick-me-up win over the Clippers without Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, and now Daniel Theis might be hurt, too, and at a certain point that stuff starts to catch up a little. I think this is the game it begins to put a dent into them. That Clippers game was a great scheduling spot, but the Suns won’t goof around defensively the way LA did. I like Phoenix to make this game a bit of a statement day and the Celtics depth issues to catch up a bit.

    #Kings @ #Clippers

    This isn’t a particularly good scheduling spot for the Kings, who come to LA on the back-to-back off a nice win over the Nuggets. Still, it’s double blowout revenge and they’re playing pretty well. I only wish the Clips weren’t coming off a loss to Boston and that this wasn’t the second game back home, where teams often find their energy. Certainly a decent lean to the Kings if we can get enough cushion, but the Clippers bounceback and better scheduling spot might be enough to drive us away.

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