• Hey! We’re on a 5-1 run. I dig it.

    #Rockets @ #Hornets

    I’m having trouble finding reasons to fade the Hornets right now. I believe they’re 5-1 ATS last 6 and that mostly corresponds to LaMelo picking his game back up. The Rockets have more weapons, I’d argue, but the lack of Christian Wood creates a serious issue covering defensive switches and the Hornets have about 5 guys that can penetrate and handle. Morning update: Houston is resting Wall and Gordon, so this one gets all kinds of wonky now.

    #Raptors (-2.5) @ #Grizzlies (223.5)

    I’ve said it before… I’ve given up on trying to guess when the Grizzlies will turn it on. I’m tempted to fade them here with the Raps in the middle of a long road trip that has them sitting at 2-1 so far. Seems like Toronto is beginning to figure things out a little but this one is a total toss-up to me.

    #Wizards @ #Bulls

    The Bulls swept the Wizards in Washington in late December in a back-to-back, and the Wiz are in total freefall these days. Of course, that likely means they’ll be catching points beyond points and no Russ is probably a good thing for them. There’s nothing special about this game for Chicago – they just keep quietly chugging along, playing middling basketball but that’s still a big step up. Lean to Wiz since I’m betting they’ll see a solid underdog price.

    #Warriors @ #Spurs (-1) (233)

    This is another Rematch set, the front end, and the Dubs come in having split two with the Mavs and Steph in particular comes in off one of his supernova games in a loss. Spurs are having some issues adjusting to life with Derrick White, and LMA being out doesn’t really hurt as much as it used to. This will likely be a decent game, but I can’t bet on Steph to be that good two games in a row so I lean Spurs.

    #Wolves @ #Mavericks (-9) (222)

    The Wolves are more competitive these days, and while the Mavs did indeed play better in their last one, I still haven’t really seen Dallas turn a corner. The problem, of course, is that if Dallas hadn’t been so terrible lately the Wolves might be catching double digits. 9 might not be enough to get me to move on it.

    #Cavs @ #Suns

    The Cavs really stink lately, and we might get a slightly depressed number because the Suns are on the back-to-back. That said, it’s also possible Phoenix overlooks this one off the big game with Boston in the rear view and the Bucks on Wednesday. If Cleveland could hit an outside shot this is the type of game I’d be all over them, but boy do they need offensive help…

    #Bucks @ #Nuggets

    The Nuggets looked completely pedestrian on their little two game trip to California, and now come home to take on a bit of a juggernaut. Again, I’d love to start with the underdog (which will likely be Denver, even if it’s a short one), and work toward the favorite, but Denver is going to need monster efforts from Jamal Murray (if he plays) and Nikola Jokic to hang in there, here. The lack of Gary Harris has been a bummer, too, with Denver letting people just run right past them on the perimeter.

    #Thunder @ #Lakers (-11.5) (217.5)

    The Thunder are nothing if not a bunch of fighters. This is part of a two-step in LakerLand with the rematch set for Wednesday, and you know me – I love to watch the first one and get in on the second one, though after checking out the Lakers half-cocked effort against Detroit I wouldn’t be at all upset if you took the giant dog price and just hoped for a backdoor. Morning update: Anthony Davis is expected to sit this one out. The Lakers’ defense suffers immensely when he’s gone, perhaps more than the line adjustment might cover.

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