• I’m seeing the card well. And I hate this Tuesday card so much. Hah! We’re on a 5-1 run, and 6-2 that should have been 7-1 if not for that baloney 2-OT under we lost in Phoenix on Saturday. Yes, I’m going to complain about that forever.

    #Clippers @ #Hawks

    I think we know why this line isn’t available. The Clippers are likely without Kawhi, PG and Pat Beverley, which, I’d reckon, cuts them down a bit. And I’ll admit, usually I can guess the line to within a few points, but this one I have no idea. I’m thinking it’ll likely be a pretty short spread, as the Clippers would have opened as something of a 6-7 pt favorite with teams at full strength, and removing the stars brings this down by a solid 6. Hawks by 1 or 1.5 is my guess after midday money fades the missing Clippers. And I might be insane, but I sort of like the Clippers in this first game without everyone. Then, fade after that.

    #Wizards @ #Rockets

    Will this game happen? Who can even play? I think I have to lean Rockets, but the line is going to dictate a move, here. I expect Houston to be a medium size favorite, and they should be able to handle that, but there’s so much weird emotional stuff playing a team that has no rhythm, I just… can’t. Probably best to leave this alone.

    #Knicks @ #Jazz (-11) (212)

    Could this be a rare day without a play? Based on what we’re seeing in these spreads, it really could. I’m not fading the Jazz for any reason right now – they’re playing incredibly well, and even though the Knicks have been consistently competitive, this will be one of the best defenses they’ll face in weeks. I legitimately have no idea how the Knicks find scoring with Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors giving very little access to the bucket. It’s going to need to be shooting, and that’s not really their wheelhouse. This is another stay-away for me.

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