• I think there are times we get away from some of the obvious stuff because it looks TOO obvious. We’re not going to do that any more.

    #Jazz @ #Nuggets

    There are a few things at play here — the Nuggets are back home off a 4-1 road trip that ended with a deflated loss in San Antonio. The Jazz won the earlier meeting this year, but that one had some playoff revenge in it. Do the Nuggets care about in-season revenge? Are the Jazz overvalued now after an 11-game win streak? I still lean Utah, amazingly.

    #Sixers (-1.5) @ #Pacers (223.5)

    The Pacers seem to be taking this game somewhat seriously, almost like an ‘are we ready?’ barometer type of game. We’ve seen the Myles Turner quotes about feeling like he’s ready to step up to the monster Embiid challenge… but can he? Can they? The Pacers haven’t had a particularly tough schedule, and I’m curious how they look against a truly strong opponent. I’d lean Indy, but I don’t think I like fading the red-hot Sixers.

    #Clippers (-7.5) @ #Knicks (211.5)

    Clippers got Kawhi and PG back and throttled Orlando, and now head to New York for the Knicks and Nets. Is there a look-ahead element, here? Possibly. Not sure it’s enough to fade the Clips, though that’s a pretty big number to lay to a not-completely-incompetent opponent. I’d lean to the underdog here if anything but the angles aren’t that strong.

    #Magic @ #Raptors

    The Magic kind of stink but they wake up every so often. This one is pretty simple. I’d lean Orlando if they’re getting 3 possessions or more. Otherwise, probably leave it alone.

    #Nets (-8.5) @ #Wizards (244)

    That’s a huge number, but neither team plays any defense, and the Wizards are scrambling for a win and trying to flush the bad tastes out of their mouths. Westbrook tried to take the blame, but it’s certainly not ALL his fault. I might do something stupid and play the Wizards since a bad defensive opponent might just be the ticket for a competitive game, for once.

    #Cavaliers (-3.5) @ #Wolves (219)

    This one feels like it’s begging me to play the Cavs, but I made a point after the last one that I just can’t bet the Wolves until they look like an NBA team. The Cavs looked terrible in New York – is this the start of a slump or was that a one-off?

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