Draft Strategy: When to select a QB in Fantasy

  • One of the longest standing debates among the fantasy community is whether or not it is worth it to draft a QB early. In this article I will dive into how that strategy has fared over last year and historically and if you should consider drafting one early for this upcoming season. Before I get into the details, this article refers to a standard 10-team league. If you are in a Superleague/Two-quarterback league that will drastically shift the approach and getting a solid QB foundation early is paramount to your teams’ success.

    The draft is the single most important aspect of a fantasy season so getting it right is critical. Having a good draft is not as simple as drafting the player who scores the most points every time. It is about making the correct draft pick based on a player’s value relative to the positional scarcity. Quarterbacks are usually the most well-known players among casual fans and typically score the most points on a week-to-week basis. However, hitting on a top-tier running back, wide receiver or even tight end can give you a leg up on your league mates who dive in too early to snag a QB. The entirety of the argument hinges on the positional scarcity of elite RB and WR and having to start two of each and a flex compared to just starting one QB. The main reasons it’s beneficial to select a running back or wide receiver is due to top players value above replacement, the draft capital lost when selecting a QB and the natural depth of quarterbacks later in the draft and on the waiver wire.

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