• Avery Bradley
    SG, Los Angeles Lakers

    Avery Bradley, who is the head of the Players Coalition currently working to spotlight the importance of social injustice and police brutality using the NBA's platform, said on Tuesday that he is 'eager to hear' how the league office, ownership, and sponsors will fulfill their societal responsibilities regarding those issues upon returning to play next month.

    Bradley and the Coalition, co-led by Kyrie Irving of the Nets, have a number of priorities that they have apparently made clear to the league and executives (and ESPN, apparently). Some of those include, as laid out Tuesday by Adrian Wojnarowski and Malika Andrews of ESPN, "improved hiring practices for black front-office and head-coaching candidates, donations to organizations serving black communities, partnerships with black-owned businesses and arena vendors, and making it so the league's management better reflects its composition of players." Bradley, Irving, Dwight Howard and a number of other players feel that the issues facing the African-American community (and the world as a whole, for that matter) are far too important and basketball should be placed on the back-burner until some improvements in legislation and police reform are put in place. They have a good point ethically, but not all players are in agreement as far as the Orlando-restart is concerned, and basketball fans and players are starving for on-court action. Bradley and (especially) Irving have been increasingly vocal over the past week and don't seem to be changing their stances anytime soon. Once again, regardless of the reason why, Kyrie Irving has become a prominent topic of discussion publicly – and he only suited up for 20 games this season. It was even reported on Tuesday that he proposed starting a new league in a group chat with teammates. This situation should only get more interesting. Expect Adam Silver to handle it with class and come to some sort of agreement with Bradley, Irving, and the other members of the Players Coalition in a concerted effort to combat racial injustices that continue to prevail throughout the country using the NBA's platform.

    Source: ESPN