• James Harden
    PG, Houston Rockets

    Appearing on SportsCenter, Adrian Wojnarowski said that we should expect to see James Harden and Russell Westbrook in the Rockets training camp when it opens next week.

    “I think for the Rockets, getting back into training camp and starting the season is probably a more likely scenario than Harden or Westbrook moving.” The Rockets have been exploring options for trading Westbrook, who has reportedly asked out of Houston, but there is limited interest around the league in a trade for him, primarily because of the three-years, $133 million he is still owed. Houston meanwhile would like to repair its relationship with Harden and keep him long-term but that may not be possible. It actually makes sense for the Rockets to hold onto both of the disgruntled All-Star guards but this is going to be an awkward situation that might affect their fantasy value as well.

    Source: Adrian Wojnarowski on ESPN