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How to strengthen my team moving forward? and what about Lowry and DV?

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My team is doing fine in the league (14T, H2H, 9 CAT), currently at 3rd place and I'm rather strong at FT%, 3PM, AST, STL and PTS (and ok in BLK).

(My squad screenshot is attached)

How would you suggest moving forward? I feel I need to make a change to make sure players will not tank as the season progress (Lowry? DV? Tre Jones? Randle).


Happy to hear your thoughts.


BTW, another manger offered me J. Collins and Z. Lavine for D. Mitchell and T. Jones - I don't want to give Mitchell, but do you think I can offer back anything with the players I've mentioned above?


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Posted : 24/11/2022 3:30 am
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I think Lowry is a sell-high, and to a lesser degree, Simons (while Dame is out). You can try to move them for front court help. Or package them (and/or Randle) in a counter offer.

Posted : 24/11/2022 4:31 am
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Dan Besbris
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Yeah Tut's got a great point. Maybe even add Vassell to that list of guys you could sell on that have a little value right now! And heck no to that trade. LaVine hasn't been worth a few grains of salt this year so far.

Posted : 24/11/2022 11:16 am
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