SixersCast: March Madness, Sixers Edition

The race for the top of the Eastern Conference is heating up, and the Sixers and the MVP conversation are heating up with it! Adam takes you through the Sixers recent impressive stretch and the success of the Sixers dynamic trio.

SixersCast: The 25-Game Pole

The Sixers are 25 games into the season, and Adam takes a look at the top performers from the squad so far this year and gives the team grades along with reviewing the strengths and weaknesses from each player thus far.

SixersCast: EMVPiid Has Returned

Joel Embiid had a career night and Adam is fired up about the return of the EMVPIID. While still injury riddled, the Sixers appear to be back on the rise with the return of their superstar and the increased energy from the squad.

SixersCast: From Dead to Tied, Sixers Knot Series…

The Sixers looked dead in the water without their MVP through the first two games of their second round series, but the Phantom of the Process returned to bring the Sixers new life as they tied the series up at 2-2. Adam is here to take you through the dramatic start to the series and discuss some huge performances from the first few games, including a prime James Harden sighting, while also giving his predictions for the rest of the series.