• Mitch begins his positional tiers and rankings series with the shooting guards! In this podcast we’re looking at groupings of players who have similar value and should be looked at when doing your fantasy basketball drafts. This is the second of 5 podcasts in this series where we will cover all positions.

    Check out our Season Draft Guide!


    Our season guide includes a thorough rankings list of my top 156 players to cover a standard league of 12 for 13 rounds. The rankings have been made based on WHERE I WOULD DRAFT EVERY PLAYER. I’ve taken into account injury risk, postential busts, upside and punting strategies with every player having a comment discussing their fantasy value. Sign up for just $10 to get access to the pre-season guide and as well as fantasy advice articles before the season starts and once the season gets underway including, punt guides, snake draft strategy, waiver wire targets buy low and sell high targets and more! Check out the link below!

    The Ball Boys discuss all things NBA and Fantasy Basketball. We help you win your fantasy leagues starting by drafting the best fantasy team and making the best moves on the waiver wire as well as selling high and buying low with your fantasy trades.

    Let us know if you have any questions or other comments down below!

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