• Hey, so… I think I like this plan. It’s going well, it worked out with some nice wins on Monday, so we’ll just keeping doing it. Free NBA betting analysis as early as humanly possible.

    #Bucks (-11.5) @ #Pistons (226.5)

    This will be these two teams’ third meeting in the span of about 10 days, which is really something. The Pistons lost by 10 and 15 in the previous matchups, both of which were in Milwaukee, covering the first but not the second. I’m inclined to look for the Pistons to give a pretty good punch, here. The Bucks are waiting on the Mavs (if that one gets played) before the Lakers and Nets, so some marquee stuff is on the horizon. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a look-ahead, but beating Detroit pretty easily twice leaves me thinking they’ll coast to a win if they can. Lean to Pistons.

    #Mavericks (-4) @ #Hornets (219.5)

    The Hornets are ballin’ out. The Mavs are ballin’ out. Something’s got to give, and with the addition of Kristaps Porzingis back to the active roster, this is the perfect spot to fade the adrenaline game. Mavs are going to be drawing a ton of cash, and it looks like this line already dropped from 5.5, so I’d venture to guess that it very slowly works its way back up to 4.5 or maybe even 5. I’m going to wait to get on anything, but I’m looking at Hornets in a fun spot while the Mavs try to work KP back in and still play without half their team in health protocols.

    #Jazz @ #Wizards

    The Wizards are losing players to the health protocol list, and now they have a pair that are questionable, so we don’t really know who might get into this one. Russell Westbrook is definitely still out, Beal appears to be in (and playing MVP-level ball), and this is also the second half of a Jazz back-to-back. I’m inclined to look at the Wiz with Utah playing their 3rd in 4 nights and also finishing up a 5 game road trip. But, of course, we need to know who’s in.

    #Nets (-4.5) @ #Knicks (218.5)

    I’m not sure the Nets have business laying medium numbers to almost anyone on the road right now with how poorly they’re defending. On top of the other notes, this is a back-to-back off a contest with the Nuggets. Do we think Kevin Durant is playing in this one? Normally I’d say to back the team without its star if he does indeed sit, but given the Kyrie cloud hanging over everything Nets I’d much sooner fade Brooklyn than back ’em. Knicks are cooling off a bit, so that makes them a tougher sell, but they could win this one.

    #Lakers @ #Thunder

    I’m not sure why we don’t have a line for this one. Lakers are playing in Houston the night before, so perhaps oddsmakers are going easy with the possibility that either LeBron or AD sits, but either way it’s going to be a pretty sizeable Lakers ATS gap, and either way I’m looking to get on the Thunder, who will want to make an impression on the class of the league. Oklahoma is also on the back-to-back, which means we’ll probably be missing Al Horford and George Hill, but who knows. I guess that’s why we don’t have a line. Thunder in second game back home off the road trip is the lean.

    #Grizzlies @ #Wolves (-2.5) (219.5)

    Minnesota is unfamiliar with having a minus sign next to their name on spreads, but here we are. Two bad teams, one with more talent than the other (Minny), but the Grizzlies with, arguably, a bit more toughness. I honestly just don’t believe Memphis can keep up for the full 48. KAT has given Minnesota a little more confidence, and Ricky Rubio is starting to find guys for open looks. This is a clearable short number for the home team. Lean to Minny, though, to Memphis’s credit, they’ll grind it out on defense in a way Wolves likely won’t.

    #Hawks @ #Suns (-5) (227.5)

    It appears as though Atlanta is getting back on the right side of things, and I’d be jumping on the Hawks with as much might as possible, but the Suns come home off their most embarrassing performance of the season, getting blown out in Washington. The first game back home off a road trip is usually a letdown spot, but for Phoenix it was only a 3-gamer and they didn’t play well. That leads me to believe they’ll want to get back on track here and really lock in. I still lean to Atlanta to hang in there with their offensive options, but Chris Paul could really make Trae Young’s life a bit difficult and attack him relentlessly.

    #Blazers (-5) @ #Kings (235.5)

    Grab the Kings now while you can. They played with spirit and fire against Indiana, and I think we’ll see something along those same lines in this one. The Kings are a wildly streaky team and we saw the wake-up game. In addition, Portland smoked Sacramento a little over a week ago to the tune of a 26-point butt-kicking. Kings on revenge, getting the ship pointed the proper direction, and the Blazers potentially without Jusuf Nurkic to create on the inside. That means likely shootout, and Kings aren’t backing down this time.

    #Pelicans @ #Clippers (-6) (220.5)

    This game means more to New Orleans than it does to the Clippers, and I get the feeling LA has hit that first goofy patch where they’re trying to figure out identity. Are they a team that can run? Do they want to just run half court sets for superstars all night? It always comes down to whether they’re ready to lock in. The Pelicans, unfortunately, aren’t a great bet lately, either, having lost two in a row to teams they should beat. Still, this is prove-it time in LA with Clippers and Lakers on tap, and I have to think they’ll be coming ready to fight. Lean to Pels.

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