• And so we’ve reached the end of the season. It’s the last week of the campaign, and anyone still playing in head-to-head leagues is a maniac, but those of you out there playing in roto formats are barrelling towards a well-earned finish. The NBA has given us a jacked-up schedule which means Monday is a day of rest for everyone, including your intrepid writer and industrious fantasy managers across the land. It’s been an honor and a privilege to pan for gold on the waiver wire with you every week, and hopefully some of the names that have popped up here have helped you along the path to victory.

    As you gear up to race to the finish line, here’s a dirty secret: you can do whatever you want this week. Truly. If your league doesn’t abide by the can’t-cut-list (you shouldn’t need those in a league with adults who can behave like adults), it’s all on the table. Do whatever you want. You can’t even guarantee that the guys you want to play will be suiting up this week, and Sunday is going to see a bunch of big names in street clothes. Go wild, go nuts. If it makes you happy, add and drop. If you think it’ll help you win, do it. Good luck and godspeed.

    Since every single player should be up for consideration at this point, there’s not a ton of sense in going too in depth. We’re going to highlight some players who are coming on strong in case they float your boat, and let the chips fall where they may.

    Top Picks

    Brandon Clarke, C, Memphis Grizzlies

    Clarke’s outside the top-150 since returning but someone has to play in the Grizzlies frontcourt, and the stat set remains a positive. It’s a little surprising that he’s being deployed in these games considering what the team has done with literally everyone else who is going to have a role next season, but Clarke has earned the reward of real action after grinding through a long rehab process. He’s good for modest points with standout production in rebounds, blocks and FG%.

    Max Strus, G, Cleveland Cavaliers

    Strus is bombing away, showing no signs of rust after missing nine games with a knee strain. It’s Donovan Mitchell, not Strus, who is getting rest days, and while that won’t come into play the rest of the way it’s a good sign for him. He’s at 35 minutes a night over the last four and really this is about checking to see if anyone is dragging their feet in adding Strus more than anything.

    Dalano Banton, G, Portland Trail Blazers

    Another player who shouldn’t be available, Banton continues to put some impressive work in. The shooting percentage isn’t great but Banton is overwhelming that with sheer volume, and is now starting to get some steals. Love it.

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