• Last week’s trade deadline came and went, and outside of a flurry of moves that came a few hours before the buzzer sounded, there wasn’t too much happening in the grand scheme of things. The biggest names on the market ended up staying put but we still got a few moves that will shake some fantasy value out of unforeseen sources. Rotations are going to continue to change as new faces in new places get familiar with systems and teammates, but the last few days of last week were at least good for some base level data. We have a sense of how certain players will be deployed, and you can see how various skill sets will work on new teams.

    It also helps that there weren’t a ton of surprises in the rankings last week. The good guys were generally good, with some outlier performances driving the few shocks — hello, Kris Dunn and your seven steals and three blocks in two games. As such, this week’s Working the Wire will do more to highlight the impacts of the trade deadline, with a few guys already delivering some standout value.

    Top Adds

    Kelly Olynyk, F, Utah Jazz

    The Raptors have needed a player like Olynyk for a couple years running now. While he won’t elevate them to contender status, he fills a massive need up front and gives the team a route to functional lineups for all 48 minutes. It’s popular for observers to want a cavalcade of young players just getting a ton of minutes to see what happens, but that’s not a good development environment for anyone. Olynyk represents the infrastructure that the Raptors need to build a good team around Scottie Barnes. His first game with the team was a solid fantasy effort anyway — 22 minutes, 11 points, six rebounds, three assists, three steals, one block, one 3-pointer — and he looks like a solid pickup from here on out.

    Marvin Bagley, C, Washington Wizards

    The Wizards traded Daniel Gafford and while they did bring another center in (we’ll get to him later), it looks like Bagley’s show for now. He’s going to be locked into a sizable role and as long as he can stay healthy, is a legitimate 20 & 10 threat for the rest of the campaign. Bagley is far from a perfect fantasy player but he’s going to be able to lean on volume for must-start value.

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