• More so than in any other sport, modern analytics in baseball are able to quantify virtually every aspect of the game in a predictive manner, allowing anyone with the knowledge and information to accurately assess a player’s value. As a result, you’ll generally see me construct pieces using advanced statistics in order to project player value and production-today is the exception.

    Within the sea of precise information in baseball exists small but significant intricacies often unaccounted for, such as first base scoops or transfer speed turning a double play. While mostly quantifiable, catcher defense holds a void larger than any other area in the sport, in game calling.

    Most organizations prioritize game calling and management of a pitching staff for their catchers above all else, as we hear ad nauseam from managers and executives alike. Even with no publicly available statistical basis, the Houston Astros elected to repeatedly start veteran catcher Martín Maldonado over far better offensive and defensive options, like Yainer Díaz, for the sole reason of game management. The calculus from Astros brass being that Maldonado, a statistically inferior option to Díaz, provided so much value in run prevention that the black hole in the lineup and poor pitch framing was a worthwhile sacrifice.

    If this trade-off was indeed remotely worthwhile, imagine the value of a catcher who can offer the same level of pitching nous while also providing positive quantifiable production on offense and defense.

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