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    I love writing this preamble and more so this year than any year I’ve done this.

    I don’t want to say it almost didn’t happen because it never really crossed my or anybody else’s mind that this wouldn’t happen, but the last few months and years  I’ve been on a pretty crazy medical journey that started with some pain in the neck and ended up dropping me to the point where I couldn’t hold a pen, sit, stand or sleep. It’s easy to joke that it was all the blurbs and 10,000 word nightly recap articles throughout the years that did it and it was very much that and then some, but the reality is that my competitive side drove my body to break.

    In the process I have had to retool pretty much my entire life to adapt to my new physical realities — very little typing, very strict diet and exercise regimes, a maze of medical decisions and procedures, and my ongoing fight with my dictation software. I couldn’t stand a few weeks ago so I did all the normal work seated at my desk, and then shortly after that I couldn’t sit for four weeks and counting because my right arm would go instantly numb. Thankfully the research and assembly of a standing desk was done just in time to keep me producing, but weeks of standing have pretty much tore up my feet and this robbing from one body part to save another has been my story for all of 2021, with over 20 years as an adult of going full bore leading up to this moment.

    I finally found some pro sports trainers in the area that have worked diligently with me to attack the problem, compressed nerves, from every conceivable angle and most of our meetings look like a bunch of people brainstorming a hypothesis that we’re eventually going to test out on me. Luckily, they have been having success because they are very good at what they do and they care (lesson: find people who care about their work, always).

    All of this is to say between that, being a primary caretaker of my now 2-year-old son and managing the indefatigable growth of this company — it has been a hell of a wave to surf.

    It has caused me become extremely intentional and very introspective of everything going on in my life. In that, I’ve found a lot of parallels in the way that NBA players approach the game and how I have approached this endeavor and most things in my life. Frankly, most of them are unhealthy in that approach. They’re too attached and whatever is driving them is what ultimately determines whether their path is healthy or not.

    If you push your body or mind to the limit typing and creating and climbing every mountain you probably need to take stock because there’s a decent chance elements of your approach are way off.

    And I can definitely say that this was the case for me. The good news is that all of these developments have aided me in my journey of finding both the good and the bad behind my pursuit of creating the best rankings each and every year (or build the next great sports enterprise, or be the world’s best father, or solve the world’s problems with a tweet).

    There are parts of these things that I’m not stopping anytime soon. But I’ve learned how to throttle down when it’s time to throttle down, I’ve learned to identify how the ego jumps into all of this, and through all of these life developments I’ve been able to enjoy a certain bliss that comes with an increasing spirit of letting go.

    And the funny thing is, the more I let go or the more I give something away the more I see improvement in the results of life.

    Having to schedule everything out and be in a ready – set – go mentality has forced me to create the correct ratios for all of the important buckets in my life. I’m completing tasks slower but getting more yardage with every completion. I’ve been able to delegate with more effectiveness and reduce the bias that comes with ego, fear of competitive realities within the business, or the competing realities in everybody’s lives, or the necessary friction that comes with high expectations that you have to carry in order to achieve professional excellence.

    It’s definitely allowed me to get out of my own way and let the talent here shine the way they know how to shine.

    Whether we’re talking running one of the fastest growing platforms in the basketball space, or NBA teams trying to be one of 30, or modeling healthy behavior for your family and everybody you care about, it almost always comes down to who you are looking at in the mirror.

    We’re going to keep setting the bar. But we’re going to preach the balance that excellence requires because anything else is a short term solution.

    As I’ve created this year’s Bruski 150 the visual but I’ve had flickering in my mind throughout the process is something between carving  a casual 6 foot wave on a glassy day … and barreling down one of these hundred footers you see on HBO.

    I had to add even more automation out of fear that I would not be able to keep up with the normal tapping of the keyboard. I invested a ton of time in conceptual strategies that I had always said ‘if I ever have the time I would love to do that.’

    Somehow I had less time, more obstacles and what I ended up with was a chance to mix unprecedented precision with all of my other tools, and the over 400 hours I typically spend was dumped into the type of analysis that gets at the heart of a good prediction.

    The minutia that leads to gold, the deeper analysis that requires time that is going to come at an opportunity cost, sitting and staring at the wall running scenarios through your mind, countering them, and then thanking yourself for doing the deep dive because you know nobody else is going to have that angle.

    Working smarter and then seeing that in the results. Being happier throughout the process. Taking full enjoyment of everything that matters in my life and everybody.

    I actually enjoy these challenges. All of the pain and the struggle has led to so much goodness. Embracing the mental journey so I can better show up. And I definitely see all of those outlines in these ranks.

    Make no mistake, there are at least 60 players in this list that are going to obliterate the competition. Typically, there are about 20 to 40 plays that command this type of competitive edge. We’ve tried to figure out why this year seems to be the best board we’ve ever seen heading into draft season. I think we’ve settled on that it’s something about the dead season being so close to draft season whereas last year there was no break at all. And even though we dominated as much last year as any other year, we didn’t see the fluctuating projections and ranks among industry folks that we’re seeing this year.

    We still have the specter of Covid lingering and we’re just starting to hear stories about the anti-vaxxers in the NBA who might be willing to put themselves in front of everybody else and miss games. We’re still going to have random missed games to some extent and that’s just going to be something we all live with.

    We have another short run-up to the season and armed with more half draft jumpers then I’ve ever seen and needle moving players all throughout the early and middle rounds you might be able to draft this blind by creating your own preset list and still boatrace intermediate or expert competition.

    And yes, most of my competition in high stakes leagues will be using this list against me. They’ll derail me in a few spots but they can’t stop me everywhere.

    It feels really good to see everything come together like this as we’re going to have a monster fantasy season. Even better, the website has become a beast comprised of so many current and future superstars in their space.

    I hope somebody reading this who might be competing at a high-level for whatever reason — can see somebody just like them who has buried the needle in the red — extolling the benefits of finding balance. There are several resources available in this day and age that can get you there for a little or no cost (aside from your unhealthy attachments).

    So allow me to kick this list off by saying ‘be well, everybody.’

    Especially in this day and age where the world seems to be spinning faster and faster and possibly off course. I think it’s time we take a step back and ask how we can recognize each other’s humanity and help each other to get to the next rung.

    And in the process let’s do well because maintaining your balance on any-sized wave feels pretty damn good.

    The ground rules….

    ♦ This is a fearless list. I’m not trying to play it safe. I’m not trying to stay in the friendly confines of industry consensus. I’ll probably have a high profile miss. But as regular readers know, we’re going to hit far more than we miss. And we’re going to hit real big on a bunch of them. This list will guide how much you should pay, who you should reach for and who you should run the other direction from.

    ♦ This is a Roto list. It’s not a head-to-head list or a points league list. It’s not a list to account for playoff formats. Frankly I’d prefer it to not even include 9-cat rankings because it’s terrible to penalize better players for handling the ball a lot. But because we all play 9-cat I include my ranks for 9-cat and the associated Average Draft Positions (ADP), as well. While I’m banging on 9-cat leagues I’ll bang on playoff leagues, too. Why go through the nightly grind of the NBA season to have the ever-growing problem of shutdowns determine your league’s championship.

    ♦ You can now sort the list. The ADP losses and gains don’t relate well for players toward the beginning and end of the draft as they do for players in the top 30-100, nor does it correlate well to actual fantasy value being returned.  But it does give you a quick way to know how early or late a player is going.  We’ll always be looking at new features like this as we grow but we will also want to maintain the simplicity of this list.

    ♦ Though this is a top-150 list (including 50-100 or more honorable mentions at the end), each player in the top 400 or so has been hand-projected for each category. Those projections have been scrutinized in every context that might affect the final outcome. A proprietary blend of methodologies – both quantitative and qualitative – is used to weave the resulting numbers into these rankings.

    ♦ This is a season-long list. By ranking a player (for example) No. 33, I am predicting they will finish as the 33rd ranked player at the end of the year, cumulatively. In that respect, it is vital owners know that I am not intending for them to draft players in this order.  You may also consider a player’s early or late season trajectory.  A young player that profiles better at the end of the year will probably play under that rank to start and over that rank to finish.  As a result, it might not be easy to roster certain players early on in the year.

    ♦ Again, owners need to consider their specific marketplace and determine where they would like to draft players based on ADP, strength of their league and the like. Just because I rank a guy way ahead of his ADP, or if the ADP doesn’t exist because the guy isn’t getting drafted enough – it doesn’t mean you grab him where I rank him.

    ♦ ADPs are pulled from ESPN, Yahoo and Fantrax. Early ADP data can be pretty rough so just keep that in mind. For undrafted players they are given ADPs of 200 or 225 when the systems aren’t providing that data, but you’ll notice for ESPN they give players an ADP of 140 when they’re selected and nothing when they’re not. Yahoo stops somewhere in the 150s. Do with that what you will.

    ♦ These are pure values that don’t account for any punting or specialized team builds you might want to look at. If you want to adjust for punting or a specific type of team build you’ll need to do that on your own. For what it’s worth I seek balance when building a team whether it’s Roto or H2H.

    ♦ The only place on this list where I might eschew predicting end-of-season value is toward the bottom of the ranks. I do build in some logic for flier picks and upside guys over the plodders who are going to get three yards and a cloud of dust for 76 games.

    So without further ado, I give you the Bruski 150:

    UPDATED THROUGH ITEMS POSTED: October 19, 1:25 p.m. ET

    8C-B150 ADP +/- NAME TEAM POS NOTES 9C-B150 ADP +/-
    1 1 0 Nikola Jokic DEN PF/C The safe number one pick. Good situation, loves to play. 1 1 0
    2 2 0 Stephen Curry GSW PG/SG This is a lot closer than anybody is giving it credit for in terms of No. 1 overall pick 2 4 2
    3 6 3 James Harden BKN PG/SG The Nets are a bit of a wild card by default but Harden isn't too far from his ridiculous upside days. He looks to be in shape. Ranked after 10/10 Kyrie news. 3 7 4
    4 5 1 Karl-Anthony Towns MIN C Perhaps he will be motivated by last year's struggles. We could witness peak KAT 4 9 5
    5 5 0 Kevin Durant BKN SF/PF The crowded roster isn't helping and neither is risk of missed games but he looks phenomenal. Ranked after 10/10 Kyrie news. 5 5 0
    6 9 3 Damian Lillard POR PG Questions about Portlandia beg the question of whether he will go full bore but beyond that he's rock solid 7 7 -1
    7 9 2 Joel Embiid PHI PF/C Upside for days, injury risk for days and the possibility of life without Ben Simmons 6 8 2
    8 9 1 Jayson Tatum BOS SF/PF The upside isn't as high as his contemporaries but consistency and age are working for him 8 11 3
    9 4 -5 Luka Doncic DAL PG/SG Free throws free throws free throws 18 4 -14
    10 16 6 Paul George LAC SF/PF A lot to like with the whole team to himself this year 9 18 9
    11 13 1 Jimmy Butler MIA SF/PF Miami added players but they all complement each other. Teams are going to get obliterated in their annual trip to pleasure town 10 18 8
    12 2 -9 Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL PF/C Free throws free throws free throws 19 4 -14
    13 21 8 LaMelo Ball CHA PG/SG Fantasy friendly game, young, hard to find the flaws 21 26 6
    14 22 8 Fred VanVleet TOR PG/SG TOR's struggles masked what a workhorse VanVleet was last year and has been throughout his career 13 29 16
    15 22 6 Zach LaVine CHI SG/SF In the conversation for most potent scorer in the NBA 24 18 -4
    16 15 0 Bradley Beal WAS SG/SF It's normal Beal with a hint of what the hell are we doing in Washington? 15 15 1
    17 15 -2 Trae Young ATL PG Among the players most likely to get hit hard by the NBA's new rules regarding fouls 45 13 -32
    18 35 15 Michael Porter Jr. DEN SF/PF Denver needs him to be good and fire away. That's a great combination for fantasy value 11 30 19
    19 23 5 Nikola Vucevic CHI C When does the decline start and do the other players impact him? 14 15 3
    20 24 5 Bam Adebayo MIA PF/C Afraid to shoot, looks like a guy who might have peaked athletically, under those criticisms is a dynamic player 16 22 7
    21 16 -5 Anthony Davis LAL PF/C The Lakers have a lot of players that need minutes. It's a good scenario to rest Davis 17 12 -4
    22 23 1 Donovan Mitchell UTA PG/SG On the short list of players who can compete for the league's most prestigious designations 25 29 5
    23 42 18 Brandon Ingram NOR SF/PF Zion’s drama might hurt everybody's value but Ingram’s talent cannot be denied 29 43 15
    24 11 -12 LeBron James LAL PG/SG/SF This is really about whatever LeBron wants to do. Perhaps the market has over corrected 35 12 -24
    25 26 0 Devin Booker PHO SG/SF Post hype year? I don't think he will cede to Chris Paul again this season 38 30 -12
    26 33 8 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander OKC PG/SG Will OKC seriously cut his games for a second straight year? That's a tough bet. 36 32 -2
    27 26 -1 Julius Randle NYK PF/C How will the playoffs change his game? I'm guessing not much but he will be fired up 44 22 -22
    28 65 35 Mikal Bridges PHO SG/SF Analysts have been afraid to give him credit for being one of the league's best players. We are faster than they are 12 55 36
    29 66 35 Tyrese Haliburton SAC PG/SG Famous last words here but as long as the Kings don't screw it up 22 60 34
    30 16 -12 Domantas Sabonis IND PF/C Sabonis has had run of the yard for a bit here, can it continue? 42 23 -18
    31 37 8 Deandre Ayton PHO C One of the most improved players of last season and Phoenix will look to capitalize on that 23 30 9
    32 29 -3 Rudy Gobert UTA C Gobert showed up in great shape last year and now he just has to keep it up 27 28 3
    33 23 -10 De'Aaron Fox SAC PG Fox will have the greenest of lights and play bully ball, but it's the Kings 52 43 -8
    34 53 19 O.G. Anunoby TOR SF/PF Poised to play a big role on a squad that is happy to come home 28 54 25
    35 66 30 Dejounte Murray SAS PG/SG Among the league's most promising young players 30 55 25
    36 54 17 Terry Rozier CHA PG/SG No major role changes and ready to capitalize after a great season 31 67 32
    37 48 13 Tobias Harris PHI SF/PF The Ben Simmons trade isn't too risky for him and he may end up eating a bit more as well 34 43 12
    38 68 29 Chris Boucher TOR PF/C How Boucher looks in a non-Tampa season is the only question 20 53 30
    39 63 25 Anthony Edwards MIN SG/SF Get ready for Edwards to put the NBA on notice that he is one of the best young players in the game 56 59 6
    40 71 29 Richaun Holmes SAC PF/C The Kings have tempted screwing this up but after paying him it will be a lot harder than usual 26 54 27
    41 64 23 John Collins ATL PF/C Will Atlanta hold Collins back again after he showed his talent in the playoffs? 33 43 10
    42 44 1 Christian Wood HOU PF/C There will be more risk of implosion due to tanking but adding some good players will help 32 36 4
    43 36 -4 Chris Paul PHO PG The playoffs were rough for him. There are a lot of good reasons for him to let some of the younger players play 37 31 -6
    44 79 34 Jaren Jackson Jr. MEM PF/C This feels like the season that they take the training wheels off and say sink or swim, assuming he can hang with 39 55 15
    45 35 -9 Khris Middleton MIL SF/PF You truly know what you're getting with Middleton and that alone is valuable 40 33 -5
    46 65 15 Collin Sexton CLE PG/SG Flying under the radar as usual 48 76 26
    47 39 -7 Jaylen Brown BOS SG/SF With questions about how his game interacts with others it will be interesting to see how that plays out. He'll get plenty of touches 50 41 -8
    48 45 -2 Lonzo Ball CHI PG/SG His career changes trajectory now in CHI but his fantasy game travels 61 60 3
    49 36 -12 Jrue Holiday MIL PG/SG Both he and Middleton played a lot of basketball last year and might account for that this season 41 44 5
    50 58 9 Jonas Valanciunas NOR C The wildebeest will eat once again 43 43 -1
    51 79 27 Jerami Grant DET SF/PF Another year of tanking isn't ideal for his development so he may try independently to keep his games up 46 63 15
    52 74 23 Robert Williams BOS C The public is still sleeping on Williams but competitive leagues beg the question of can he handle the minutes 47 58 12
    53 78 25 Myles Turner IND PF/C Style of play and especially on the defensive side will determine his finish. The latter sent his stock skyrocketing last 49 43 -4
    54 112 52 T.J. McConnell IND PG/SG With ability to put defenders on their heels, nobody gives him the credit he deserves for being a two-way player 51 110 52
    55 120 59 Daniel Gafford WAS C Just add minutes and he's ready to go 53 118 57
    56 42 -12 C.J. McCollum POR PG/SG You know what you're getting with McCollum but trade scenarios are the variable here 54 53 1
    57 120 53 Patrick Williams CHI SF/PF Not the flashiest but plenty skillful, and in the discussion for most imposing physical presence at his size 55 117 53
    58 70 14 Kyle Lowry MIA PG Despite joining other good players his fantasy game travels well but the decrease in pace helps chill the value 57 57 3
    59 70 15 Gordon Hayward CHA SG/SF Hayward should do just fine this year with no threats to playing time or touches 58 75 19
    60 62 5 Malcolm Brogdon IND PG/SG Brogdon's posture wrt in the coaching issues last year was weird, aside from that injury risk is the big question 59 50 -5
    61 118 59 Jonathan Isaac ORL SF/PF Hopefully this is a situation in which he gets fully healthy and just goes, rather than having stops and starts 60 83 23
    62 45 -13 DeMar DeRozan CHI SF/PF There should be enough room for everybody to eat in Chicago but can they excel is another question 62 63 4
    63 39 -24 Clint Capela ATL C Capela had moments where the mileage showed but was mostly strong last year. Is this the year we see it kick in at a larger level? 63 41 -21
    64 138 66 De'Anthony Melton MEM PG/SG At some point the Grizzlies have to not screw this up right? Right!? 65 140 68
    65 58 -4 Pascal Siakam TOR PF/C The league took away his spin move and had no problem with him shooting because they knew he could not finish and they could still challenge his shot. What's the counter move this season? Improvement is likely 64 66 3
    66 120 55 Norman Powell POR SG/SF Locked and loaded to play at the top of his performance curve 66 90 25
    67 114 46 Kelly Olynyk DET PF/C Should get plenty of minutes regardless of Stewart and if anything they make him a bit more of an injury risk 74 122 48
    68 79 13 Darius Garland CLE PG Rubio might challenge him a little bit but not enough to be concerned 86 78 -8
    69 100 31 Kyle Anderson MEM SF/PF He gets better every year but the number of players that need minutes and touches keeps him from being more interesting 67 93 27
    70 51 -13 Draymond Green GSW PF/C There is a non-zero chance he forgets how to shoot entirely but aside from that you know what you're getting here 68 59 -8
    71 137 64 Duncan Robinson MIA SG/SF Having all of those pass first players feeding him shots is going to be fun to watch 69 126 56
    72 81 10 Buddy Hield SAC SG/SF Hield is about as consistent as they come but trade rumors could alter his role in a few different ways 70 78 10
    73 120 43 Larry Nance Jr. POR PF/C There will be a lot of pressure on Portland to win and Nance will be a solution in that regard so everything is moving in the right direction here 71 119 46
    74 96 26 PJ Washington CHA PF/C Quietly had a great season and has no real threat to his playing time, though he will not be a high-end mpg guy 72 94 25
    75 103 28 Derrick White SAS PG/SG The story with White is always going to be injuries, but otherwise he will produce 75 82 11
    76 115 35 Mitchell Robinson NYK C The concern is that Robinson was asked to stop blocking shots and play straight up. Hopefully, that's just an overreaction by a young player and he gets more aggressive this season 76 76 -2
    77 66 -10 Kristaps Porzingis DAL PF/C The unicorn is more like a regular horse these days and all the same injury issues aren't getting any better 77 47 -29
    78 119 40 Jakob Poeltl SAS C Even if he has some even bigger meltdown from the foul line he is locked and loaded for a solid season 78 91 14
    79 119 34 Jae'Sean Tate HOU SF/PF Tate was one of the best stories of last season and he will fly under the radar in a lot of leagues 79 109 25
    80 19 -55 Zion Williamson NOR PF Sure there's upside but the constant drama and being out of shape are not helping his cause 95 18 -72
    81 133 52 Isaiah Stewart DET PF/C I have as much faith in Stewart as a player as anybody but he is going a good amount too high 80 96 17
    82 135 52 Robert Covington POR PF/C Definitely on the downside of his career as an injury risk and then there will be trade question marks 81 89 9
    83 65 -17 Caris LeVert IND SG/SF LeVert is going to be relied upon heavily and has the skill to cash in 82 72 -10
    84 79 -7 Miles Bridges CHA SF/PF Bridges has slowly, slowly improved his value and with a solid role he should continue that trajectory 83 97 16
    85 94 7 Jarrett Allen CLE C Yes there is a glut of big men but Allen will do his thing in his minutes, regardless 84 67 -17
    86 60 -24 Ben Simmons PHI PG The most intriguing story we've seen a while. He'll be forced to change his game after an entire career of being unwilling to do so 85 53 -32
    87 77 -11 Andrew Wiggins GSW SG/SF I have not adjusted for the anti-VAX stuff as the selfishness with which he has approached basketball mirrors his off court approach, apparently. 87 92 4
    88 30 -48 Kyrie Irving BKN PG/SG Kyrie could retire to form a family band and nobody would be surprised. Ranked after 10/10 news. 96 22 -65
    89 42 -47 Kemba Walker NYK PG The only reason to expect anything more is that Thibs and Kemba could collide to see if they can run back an 82 game season, which of course would be nuts 88 86 -3
    90 115 22 Jordan Clarkson UTA PG/SG Clarkson made us look great last year 89 92 -1
    91 90 0 Harrison Barnes SAC SF/PF Barnes will have a hard time replicating what was a perfect scenario for him last year 90 108 17
    92 128 32 Brook Lopez MIL C Among the most consistent players in the league and within that there is some added value 91 87 -5
    93 101 6 Marcus Smart BOS PG/SG This will be the year that Smart gets to flex on offense but overall it's going to be a lot of the same stuff 92 82 -12
    94 87 -5 Mike Conley UTA PG It's very likely that there will be scheduled rest as his health is the only thing that matters come playoff time 93 84 -12
    95 44 -50 Ja Morant MEM PG A situation where the talent and the fantasy production do not represent one another 94 39 -57
    96 17 -74 Russell Westbrook LAL PG Death, taxes and Westbrook stealing somebody's rebound to race down the floor and chuck it into the third row 97 24 -73
    97 120 21 Nerlens Noel NYK PF/C There's no reason to think that Noel goes hogwild but he's a great per-minute guy and that always means at least some upside 73 109 33
    98 77 -21 Bogdan Bogdanovic ATL SF/PF I've seen too many knee issues throughout the years to bet on his quickness so I will be fading here 98 87 -11
    99 95 -2 Jusuf Nurkic POR C Like a lot of his teammates they will be gunning for early success and at the same time there will be no margin for mistakes and Nurk will be held accountable 99 69 -30
    100 140 35 Nicolas Claxton BKN C Even if he doesn't get a whole lot of minutes he will probably be good enough for fantasy consideration and then there is the chance that he somehow cuts loose 100 123 19
    101 56 -44 Spencer Dinwiddie WAS PG/SG I'm interested to see if Dinwiddie can get back to the style of play he had when he broke through for us many moons ago. With cash in pocket maybe he goes back? 198 80 -118
    102 200 91 Devin Vassell SAS SG Pop isn't going to hand him anything but as a smart talented player with a decent fantasy game there's an opportunity here 101 140 33
    103 139 35 Matisse Thybulle PHI SG/SF It will be fun to see if he ever attempts to play offense but with even minimal gains elsewhere he could be dangerous 102 115 14
    104 128 27 De'Andre Hunter ATL SF/PF Health is the obvious issue and other than that there aren't enough superlatives for how he has progressed 103 132 32
    105 140 38 Cam Reddish ATL SG/SF It's hard to project a lot of value but basically you're betting on talent to win out here 104 139 37
    106 140 33 Cameron Payne PHO PG/SG Proved himself on the big stage and has certain actions that can barely be covered, and the guy in front of him should certainly do everything possible to save his legs because they looked gone when it mattered 105 140 32
    107 140 34 Terance Mann LAC SF Mann played so big in the playoffs it's hard to bet against him this season 106 139 34
    108 92 -11 Evan Mobley CLE C Look for the typical rookie struggles but there's no reason he can't have a top 100 season 107 85 -18
    109 138 25 Keldon Johnson SAS SF/PF A solid young player with a whole lot of ramp… What's not to like here. 108 108 -4
    110 138 24 Gary Trent Jr. TOR SG/SF Has a clear role and there's no reason not to take him in the late rounds 109 112 6
    111 137 29 Lauri Markkanen CLE PF/C He will be freed from some of the growing baggage in Chicago and Cleveland will need him to produce, and speaking strictly about the season he is probably their most important big man 110 98 -12
    112 139 20 Rui Hachimura WAS SF/PF Hachimura has a lot of talent and is a pretty good bet for continued improvement 112 139 23
    113 138 28 Wendell Carter Jr. ORL C Carter has burned bridges in the fantasy world but he's a young player with plenty of opportunity and a change of scenery 114 111 -2
    114 109 -6 Al Horford BOS PF/C Horford represents something of an upside play and who knows perhaps he might get crazy and head toward the healthier side of 20 minutes 115 135 24
    115 140 20 Ricky Rubio CLE PG One local article tried to play up his minutes and he will get plenty but it's hard to see a reprisal of a big minute role 116 142 21
    116 140 15 Cameron Johnson PHO SF/PF It's crowded in Phoenix but there is no question about his talent 117 137 19
    117 137 20 Reggie Jackson LAC PG/SG Jackson showed skills and effectiveness in the very high end range during the playoffs, but deficiencies in his fantasy game will hold him back 118 140 23
    118 79 -32 D'Angelo Russell MIN PG/SG Overrated in both fantasy and reality 119 78 -36
    119 200 72 Bruce Brown BKN SG A younger late round plodder who will be key to the Nets' success 120 200 72
    120 126 3 Tyler Herro MIA PG A year after being overdrafted like crazy perhaps the opposite effect is in play this year 121 137 11
    121 111 -5 Malik Beasley MIN PG/SG Beasley will be a pretty consistent producer but the chaos in Minnesota might create the wiggle here 122 134 15
    122 102 -16 R.J. Barrett NYK SG/SF Barrett showed a lot of heart last season and if anything clicks on the shooting side there's some decent potential for a leap, but he is still pretty overdrafted 123 91 -32
    123 66 -46 Cade Cunningham DET PG/SG He headlines an impressive rookie class and will get unlimited ramp to prove his talent, which looks undeniable 113 72 -37
    124 129 3 Kevin Huerter ATL SG/SF Showed a lot in the playoffs and has a great shot in improving, however, Atlanta is a tough place to play in terms of fantasy 125 123 1
    125 95 -27 Nickeil Alexander-Walker NOR SG/SF New Orleans is kind of a dumpster fire right now but he has a lot of ramp and just needs to get efficient 124 126 2
    126 95 -26 Jalen Suggs ORL PG/SG I love all this rookie class but it's just hard to produce in fantasy leagues right off the bat and I'm not sure Suggs will be the exception 126 109 -11
    127 83 -41 Jalen Green HOU SG Green is another rookie with all sorts of ramp and talent to get after it but it is unlikely there will be enough fantasy efficiency to justify the price 127 87 -38
    128 112 -15 Kevin Porter HOU SG/SF Inefficiencies in his fantasy game will leave him overdrafted, unfortunately 128 99 -31
    129 200 71 Jaden McDaniels MIN PF It's hard to know how much of the summer hype to believe, especially now after the front office shake up, and beyond that there should be questions about production even if he is a nice young player 129 131 4
    130 140 9 Donte DiVincenzo MIL PG/SG Injury slowed him toward the end of the year but he was great for us as expected. Allen might eat into his value a little bit this year 111 146 31
    131 200 68 Nicolas Batum LAC SF/PF It wouldn't be surprising to see Batum have a stretch of top 100 ball but there are also reasons to fade his overall value 130 137 8
    132 200 57 Grayson Allen MIL SG/SF Amidst all of the justified complaining about Melton's playing time, Allen did his part to earn minutes 131 200 60
    133 200 56 Kenyon Martin Jr. HOU SF Martin has to weave through a couple of obstacles and continue to improve but there is a lot to like about the young player 132 200 62
    134 140 7 Josh Giddey OKC PG/SG His skills as a connector will keep him on the floor regardless of how bad he shoots or not. Still, has a good chance of being overdrafted 194 144 -50
    135 140 0 Otto Porter GSW SF/PF If he can be relatively healthy he has the type of game to fit in GSW 133 145 10
    136 119 -11 Evan Fournier NYK SG/SF The decline is underway and there will be some playing time issues on top of that 134 117 -14
    137 127 -10 Daniel Theis HOU PF/C He's in a great situation but can he handle all of the minutes he's about to have access to is the question 135 143 9
    138 112 -22 Montrezl Harrell WAS PF/C Harrell will have a pretty safe role but declines in his game keep him from being an attractive target 136 120 -12
    139 119 -16 Joe Ingles UTA SG/SF Late round plodder 137 139 6
    140 140 1 Derrick Jones CHI SG/SF Hard to see Jones breaking out in a somewhat crowded situation but there is at least some upside here 138 140 4
    141 134 -8 Dorian Finney-Smith DAL SF/PF Late round plodder 139 143 6
    142 200 62 Ivica Zubac LAC C Late round plodder 140 126 -13
    143 139 -2 Serge Ibaka LAC PF/C The Clippers need him to be good this year so he's a little bit of a safer late round play than the injury risk might suggest 141 140 -1
    144 129 -7 Thaddeus Young SAS PF/C Not bad upside for an old man and worth a look at the end of drafts depending on how news flows 142 120 -22
    145 125 -20 Seth Curry PHI PG/SG People don't really understand how good he is and there are holes in his fantasy game but Philly might rely on him a lot this year 143 133 -10
    146 200 48 Immanuel Quickley NYK PG Has some interesting upside but will be buried on the depth chart to start the season 144 144 -9
    147 140 -9 Brandon Clarke MEM SF/PF He needs to show proficiency in the areas that made him a desirable fantasy asset in the first place, because otherwise the rotation is very steep 145 139 -5
    148 140 -11 Jordan Poole GSW PG/SG He looks legit but probably gets a bit overhyped this year. 168 144 -34
    149 200 54 Royce O'Neale UTA SF/PF Late round plodder 146 144 -1
    150 140 -8 Doug McDermott SAS SF/PF Late round plodder 147 142 -4
    151 100 -47 Derrick Rose NYK PG/SG Can be productive in spurts but injury risk is always present 148 139 -9
    152 140 -19 Tony Bradley CHI C It's not a guarantee he can be an upside guy and he needs some help but we're watching him 149 200 44
    153 140 -24 Max Strus MIA SG Beware the Strus 150 200 38
    154 138 -12 Bobby Portis MIL PF/C Portis has top 100 value when he's doing his thing but he can be exposed quickly and his name is definitely bigger than his game after the Finals 151 138 -9
    155 136 -17 Danny Green PHI SG/SF He has been borderline unplayable on defense at times and that is possibly a death knell to his value 152 140 -9
    156 200 45 Maxi Kleber DAL PF/C Late round plodder 153 136 -14
    157 200 43 Jaxson Hayes NOR C Not a great summer and he's probably a better waiver wire pickup in the event he gets cut loose than anything 158 200 42
    158 200 46 Monte Morris DEN PG/SG Give him additional consideration in drafts because he will have more minutes and touches in the first 2/3 of the season at least, playoff GMs do the opposite 154 141 -10
    159 139 -17 Saddiq Bey DET SF Bey is a late round plodder but as a younger player we will be watching to see if any parts of his game transform 155 125 -28
    160 200 30 Kelan Martin IND SF/PF Showed he could put together some big games and if he gets any daylight look for him to surprise a lot of people this season 156 200 34
    161 200 38 Khem Birch TOR PF/C Despite showing he could handle bigger minutes there isn't quite enough fantasy value to get excited about 157 142 -13
    162 200 40 Dwight Powell DAL PF/C Late round plodder 159 200 45
    163 114 -47 Delon Wright ATL PG/SG Late round plodder 160