• Opening day is less than a week away and that means we are in the stretch run of fantasy baseball draft season! However, for a high-stakes fantasy baseball player like myself, this means that things are just getting started.

    Since March 12th there has been at least one NFBC Main Event draft every day, and there will continue to be at least one each day all the way up through opening day. For those of you who have never heard of the NFBC Main Event, it is considered the premier fantasy baseball contest in the industry. Participants compete in 15-team 5×5 roto leagues to not only win their individual leagues, but to overcome the projected 795 team field (53 leagues) and secure the $200,000 overall prize. Anyone can play, as long as you’re brave enough to throw down the $1,750 required to do so. This season I have three teams in the contest (one was won through a 2023 Main Event Qualifier [MEQ] league) and my first league held its draft on March 20th.

    I first started playing in the Main Event in 2021 (also after securing a free entry through a 2020 MEQ) and have been hooked ever since. It’s a very unique contest because of the overall component – how are you supposed to beat out 794 teams when it’s already hard enough to beat 14? Well, by being lucky of course! But luck alone is not enough. You have to make sure you build a solid foundation of players that can contribute to as many categories as possible, and also avoid a significant number of injuries during the season. Now with all of that all the way, here is my recap of my first 2024 Main Event team.

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