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    DAN BESBRIS (@DanBesbris)

    Portland Trail Blazers -2:

    I’m rolling with the public on this one tonight, though the funny part is that the action isn’t tipped all that far in the Blazers favor. Ja Morant has singlehandedly turned the Grizzlies into a more public team, and while I do like Memphis’s overall demeanor and fight, and I expect Ja to have a big game against Dame (he loves the spotlight), I can’t overlook just how truly, embarrassingly bad the Blazers were against the Clippers in their last game, and how that lends itself to a Dame bounceback. The Blazers were basically tripping over their own feet in their last game, they had a little bit of a “we need to wake up” team moment early in the year, and no one on that team wants bad vibes to spiral, which they very much could in something of a last stand for the old guard. This is going to be a good game, but I’ll trust in the home team to put together the late run and win by 4-5.



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