• It’s NBA time baby! This is where HoopBall thrives. Dan Besbris may be the best we have, and he is 1-0 on free play in this young NBA season.

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    DAN BESBRIS (@DanBesbris)

    Detroit Pistons +5 – Just as we faded the Lakers and their new high-usage additions, we’ll do the same with Chicago. Will the Bulls be a good team later this year? Heck yes, but these adjustments take time, and the turnover is substantial. LaVine, Vuc, DeRozan … they’ll all be score individually, but ball movement will be clunky, and the Bulls weren’t particularly good on defense even when they knew how to communicate with each other. Now, we’re going to find a fresh crop of players just trying to figure out where their teammates are going to be standing, and that’ll give the Pistons ample opportunity to hang around. The lack of Cade Cunningham in this game means nothing to be – the Pistons will just have to play a veteran a few extra minutes and that’s probably a good thing for this bet.


    WagerPass Top Plays for Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

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