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    DAN BESBRIS (@DanBesbris)

    Indiana Pacers +8: I have to do it, friends. I have to fade Kyrie’s return. I know the latest superstar combo has played together in the past, but there’s nothing more disruptive than bringing back a high usage guy after a ridiculously long layoff, and under these special circumstances, I have to imagine it’ll be even more of a stick in the tire spokes. Fundamentally, here’s the issue: Kyrie is awesome, but he hasn’t played a competitive basketball game in a few months short of a year, and perhaps even more importantly, the Nets roster needs to shuffle around to accommodate him. Plus, you’ll see that mentally his teammates are going to be trying to defer to him to get Kyrie in the groove. Defensive rotations will be off, pass-timing will be off, you’ll see more turnovers than usual as Kyrie likely takes center stage when, in reality, the guy coming back should almost always quietly just try to get his sea legs back while the previously healthy pieces should continue to carry things for a few more games. That’s just never how it works with stars in the NBA. Fade the star return, take the bonus value on the line and let’s count on Indy getting “up” to play a marquee team on a unique night.

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