• Adam hit 2 free plays in a row, but lost off our friends in Canada. He went 2-1 in his stretch, and that’s a profit. Next man up!

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    DAN BESBRIS (@DanBesbris)

    OKC THUNDER +9.5

    This one will make you want to vomit, and I wouldn’t blame most of you for not coming along, but what we have here is a fade spot on Golden State more than whatever we might think of the very, very bad Thunder. The Warriors just completed a clean sweep of their California competition, 3 games we know the Dubs were prepped for and dug deep to handle. This game comes as the team takes a deep breath and will assume they can mostly just walk through it and win easily. I do believe the Warriors win, but I have them, due to those situational angles, winning by 6-7, which gives us just enough wiggle room to move this one into the free play category. But, again, I know it’s gross…
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