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    Adam’s Free Play Record: 4-7 -3.40 units

    ADAM KERCKHAERT (@AdamKerck)

    Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz

    Tuesday November 2nd 9:00pm ET

    Sacramento Kings +9 (-110) 1.1u 

    The Utah Jazz will host the Sacramento Kings in the second matchup between these two teams this season. We catch the Jazz in a funky scheduling spot for this game as they come home off of a 3 game road trip for this one game against Sacramento before leaving to play Atlanta on Thursday. This is a possible look ahead spot for Utah as they are only coming home for this one game before departing for another 3 game trip. The Jazz defeated the Kings 110-101 in the first matchup this season. The Jazz also defeated the Kings in all three of their matchups last season. The Kings should have plenty of revenge motivation to put together a representative effort tonight in Utah. My play is Sacramento Kings +9 (-110) for 1.1 units. 

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