• Blazers covered last night. That brings Dan up to an easy 2 game win streak. The best part? It’s all free! He’s already guaranteed to make you a profit. Tail the man for some more.

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    DAN BESBRIS (@DanBesbris)

    Golden State Warriors -6:

    You guys all know my style at this point: I handicap 30,000 foot stuff, motivational angles, so forth.
    I was rather hoping Memphis wouldn’t get punked by Portland last night (we had Blazers -2, so I’m not MAD about it). I was hoping more like a 5-7 pt loss that wouldn’t really register on the calendar. Instead, the Grizzlies were *BAD* last night, so a bounceback could be in store. Still, this is a circle-the-calendar game for the Warriors, who already took care of the Lakers, and now can complete the sweep of the teams that double-bounced ’em out of the play-in tournament last year. Ja Morant will try to keep up with Steph but the Warriors have good game plans in the early going and they’ll improve to 5-0 tonight before the Dubs take a few L’s over the following week.
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